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Status and the norms and values of Hipsters - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Course Date Abstract This paper is aimed at investigating the need and relevance of subculture in the lives of people. The paper aims at assessing how much the people appreciate their subcultures and how this has remained relevant to people over the years…
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Status and the norms and values of Hipsters
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"Status and the norms and values of Hipsters"

Download file to see previous pages Research questions i) Is subculture still relevant in the society of today? ii) How does subculture existence in the society help in society building? iii) Is the subculture today the same as it was in the yester years? iv) Do people still identify with the subcultures? v) Why would the society still need subcultures? Research hypothesis HO: Subculture is still very relevant to the society of today and its role cannot be overlooked. HA: Subculture is not relevant to the society today and its role can be overlooked Literature review In each and every society there exists a subculture to which different people belong to. A subculture can be categorized as a group of individuals that share similar unique behavior and beliefs which make them unique. This groups allow for people to congregate and share very many things under the guidance of set principles and norms. Their beliefs and behaviours are guided by a certain code to which they tow and adhere to. Share of so much in common within a subculture only serves to foster peace and unity as well as love and understanding within the subculture members. Subcultures also give people a sense of identity and belonging as individuals from a certain subculture can identify themselves with subculture to which they belong. ...
Although crucial to the existence of the people, it cannot be ignored that the existence of subcultures also comes along with its challenges which range from tribalism, ethnocentrism, stereotyping, narrow mindedness, hatred and a wide range of many other negative prejudice. Therefore in identifying with this groups and choosing what subculture to belong to or identify with, careful consideration needs to be taken so that the need to identify with a group does not bring about unfair judgement and discrimination amongst people that have existed so peacefully before. An individual can belong to several subcultures and it can allow them to identify with these cultures but it should also serve as an opportunity to foster messages of peace and unity amongst a given set of friends, community, society, nation, continent and even the entire world at large. I am a member of XXXX course at YYYY School. We are a total of 200 students currently attending this program which constitutes a subculture. This is because we share the same goal and adhere to several common rules which are supposed to guide our behaviours in pursuit of the same goal, which is to be excellent professionals in the field we have chosen to undertake. The set standards aply to all over us like for instance the course is supposed to take a 4 year period during which we are expected to have class sessions that is supposed to strictly be attended to. During the period we are also anticipated to be taking regularly at certain fixed intervals as well as assignment and term papers with an aim of assessing our understanding and progress during the entire period of the program undertaken. The program also has helped us the students of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Status and the Norms and Values of Hipsters Research Paper.
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