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DIVERSITY & INCLUSION - Research Paper Example

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C. Concept Map: Yankees in Maine C. Concept Map: Maine Acadians D. Introduction This essay reviews and discusses two of the major subcultures in Maine, namely, the Yankees and Acadians. It investigates the core features of each subculture’s (1) arts and entertainment, (2) religious beliefs, and (3) family life…
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Download file to see previous pages In terms of religious beliefs, the Yankees and Maine Acadians are mostly distinct. Third, family life involves several aspects of human development and belonging and living in a family. Both the Yankees and Maine Acadians highly value the family. This essay will also examine the similarities and differences between the two subcultures in terms of the three aforesaid cultural concepts. A significant selection of literature on the three cultural concepts is available hence they are selected. E. Results Section This section provides a general overview of the Yankees’ and Acadians’ arts and entertainment, religious beliefs, and family life. Yankees The Yankee musicians justify their musical interest on account of redemptive culture: the belief that the culture of music could revive the American soul (Moore, 1985). Yankees viewed themselves leaders of a revolutionary campaign distinctly American and, hence, collective. By openly experiencing the harmonious values of redemptive culture, people could make sense of the meaning of Yankees’ uniqueness as Americans (Moore, 1985). The Yankee musician, similar to romantics, perceived themselves to be ‘unacknowledged legislators’ (Fox, 1940, 57). ...
The Yankee him/herself normally explains the visionary future, tradition, and music, in relation to each other. In terms of religious beliefs, Yankees in Maine are Puritans, among other things. They believed in deliverance or redemption, that the destiny of human souls was predestined by God (Wyatt-Brown, 1990). This means that God had preprogrammed as to the people who would be saved and who would not from the very beginning. Salvation was a private issue between the Saints and God. Saints were the saved (Wyatt-Brown, 1990). Yankees have faith in God and value the reading of the Bible because they believe that the task is the way to God. To become a Saint and be saved they perform a Covenant of Grace, a bond that pleads for salvation and forgiveness of sins (Library of Congress, n.d.). They believe that they have to follow by the example of God and virtually dedicate their live to Him. Religious beliefs of the Yankees are full of ironies. They oppose each other in order to form Utopia or an ideal World, a world that did not permit mutiny (Fox, 1940). The beliefs and purposes of Yankees generated an anxiety full of ironical issue. Humans should not commit sins, but they would sin nevertheless. Humans are obliged to forgive, but wickedness and temptations was omnipresent. Humans are pursuers of salvation, but are defenseless against vice (Wyatt-Brown, 1990). In relation to their religious beliefs, the Yankees believe that the family is very valuable. The Scriptures strongly claim that sex and marriage are gifts given by God (Moore, 1985). The Yankees believe that sex and marriage are co-existent for pleasure and reproduction. The Yankees also undervalue celibacy, view married sex as pure and important, value family life, support the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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