It has been said: there are, at the same time, one any many spain. Discuss - Essay Example

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Date: Anthropology Four decades ago, Spain was one of the most poor, underdeveloped and conflict prone country under a fascist dictator who controlled all aspects of the Spaniards. Form arresting tourists wearing exposing clothing, poor infrastructure and poverty outside the major Spaniard cities to biting famines that killed and impoverished many Spaniards, the country was at the height of poverty…
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It has been said: there are, at the same time, one any many spain. Discuss
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"It has been said: there are, at the same time, one any many spain. Discuss"

The country experienced major changes especially in 1986, when it was allowed to join the European Union, a plan that worked perfectly for. The different people who have experienced the various eras of Spanish history have different experiences and practices, with the current young generation in Spain being the most powerful and an impetus to the rapid changes in the country. This makes Spain to be one very similar but yet different people. Hooper (3) notes the first differences across the three different generations of Spaniards can be well observed and explained in a family setting with family members spreading across the three distinct generations of Spain’s history. The grandparents who symbolize a poor agricultural past are in most cases dark and shorter; their children who are the main beneficiaries of the post Franco boom where important changes in the life of Spaniards were experienced are tall and slim. These people were mostly raised on the Mediterranean diets, while the grand children who reflect modernity and are victims or beneficiaries of the current modernity in Spain are more likely to be overweight. The three generations explain the effects of the three main historical eras that mark Spain’s history today. ...
e on doing away with corrupt and old backward practices, which were repealed by a socialist party that was responsible for major changes in the country. Kavanagh (126) illustrates some of the differences in agriculture in Spain. Farming methods especially agriculture underwent transitions that were replicated by the life of the Spaniards of the day. From the vast grazing lands of cattle and sheep where agricultural methods were poor and unplanned, the villages from the 1980s experienced drastic boom where the ministry of public works seemed to invest everything on infrastructure, the silent and dark villages for the first time had street lights, running water and people began to build toilets where none existed before (Hooper, 2). This portrays the sharp contrast between the first and second generations of the Spaniards in farming methods, and that had its roots in the 1980s. For the first time against the culture and traditions of villagers, their decisions were being made far away from their villages, which largely affected their economic patterns such as the market days, farming methods, breeds of animals, transitions from farming to real estate in restructuring the poorly designed urban areas among other major decisions that affected their lives (Kavanagh, 126). This was contrary to the lives their fathers had, where most of their decisions at the village level, observed poor farming methods and lived under awkward dictatorship that governed every aspect of their lives including dressing. Hooper (2) observes that one of the critical changes that occurred across the three different generations was that people who had been excluded from the public life were gradually finding space and support to participate in public matters. For example, while from the dictatorial Read More
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