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'To tackle the fight against trafficking, we need to concentrate on state intervention and stricter border controls'. Discuss - Essay Example

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Fight against trafficking. Institution Affiliation: Date: To tackle the fight against trafficking, we need to concentrate on state intervention and stricter border controls. Discuss Introduction Trafficking of human beings has been on the rise and especially with less border patrol and policies about the issue of human trafficking from one country or state to the other…
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To tackle the fight against trafficking, we need to concentrate on state intervention and stricter border controls. Discuss
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"'To tackle the fight against trafficking, we need to concentrate on state intervention and stricter border controls'. Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages This however is not usually the case as sexual exploitation is the first harsh condition they encounter before being sneaked into the desired and promised country due to lack of proper travel documentation. Human trafficking is majorly carried out by agents whom according to Agustin (2005) may be governmental, religious, nongovernmental, academic or even medical groups and organizations (Agustin, 2005, pg. 100). These groups and organizations operate on a legitimate basis upfront but carry out the illegal immigration and human trafficking as a form of black market business hence making it harder for immigration authorities to detect them. Even with the strict immigration laws being enforced in some European countries like Germany and even UK, illegal immigrants still find their way inside those nations. According to statistics provided by the United Nations, there are over 175 million people who cross borders on a yearly basis and majority of them do so illegally without being detected or through fraudulent means. Human trafficking is a global affair and it has been able to rise due to the fact that it is intertwined with issues of international crime, corruption deals (conducted through unscrupulous immigration officials), coercion and even lack of stringent state laws concerning immigration or even border patrol. The lack of anti-trafficking statutes in most states contributes to the increasing trafficking of people. This is evident in even famous place like New York City in United States of America. This lack of laws provides a leeway for the agents to ferry the illegal immigrants from Latin nations like Mexico, through US and finally finding themselves in European nations like France. Testimonies have been provided by the trafficked people especially women who are illegally or even legally assisted to migrate into European nations through the promise of being enrolled into the domestic labour market of that country. However on reaching their destination, the domestic labour market turns out to be a thriving sex industry where sexual exploitation is the order of the day under organized pimps and even in brothels. Those lucky to enter the domestic labour market do so as helps or by providing cheap labour services and even in these places, they are still sexually exploited (Long, 2004, pg. 18). Some critics argue that it is easy to prevent such sexual exploitation that happens through the cover of provision of domestic labour market but it is not so easy. This is because the trafficking that takes place under this front has legal cover ups as mentioned earlier of legitimate organizations whose side business is trafficking of people without the knowledge of the authorities. It is evident that trafficking moves from the South towards the North and it heavily consists of women. According to feminists and especially the African feminists, women are the most negatively affected by development policies and measures taken by their countries, for example those that follow conditions dictated by International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank in order to grant loans and financial aid to these countries. These Bretton Woods financial organizations demand (as one of their conditions) restructuring which in short means cutting some of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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