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Human Trafficking and Raising Awareness of the Anti Trafficking Movement - Research Paper Example

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This paper begins with the statement that human trafficking is a trade that is flourishing within and across the national borders of many countries around the world. Official estimates show that about two million people, comprising mainly of children and women, are victims too of crime each year…
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Human Trafficking and Raising Awareness of the Anti Trafficking Movement
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Extract of sample "Human Trafficking and Raising Awareness of the Anti Trafficking Movement"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that the International Labor Organization (ILO) which is an agency of the United Nations says that millions more get trafficked within the borders of their own countries. Most victims of this trade are forced to work in the sex entertainment industry or prostitution rings. Trafficking can also be in the form of labor exploitation. The victims are subjected to domestic servitude, janitorial work, restaurant work, migrant agricultural work, and sweatshop factory work. It is now acknowledged that effective action against human trafficking is needed. Comprehensive and integrated approaches are necessary in order to tackle this menace effectively. The anti-trafficking movement’s goal is to fight against all forms of exploitation of migrants. The movement especially focuses on the severe human rights violations that trafficked persons suffer. The movement seeks to build the global presence and individual commitment by strengthening the capacities of its partners in the civil society and government. It also aims to set operational standards that will enable the movement to achieve sustainable results. The long-run goals of the movement are to provide protection to trafficked men, women, boys and girls through empowerment. It also seeks to raise understanding and awareness of the problem so as to get justice to trafficked persons. The movement applies both qualitative and quantitative research when tackling the issue of human trafficking so as to better inform its work and the work of other groups. Some of the areas looked into include human trafficking routes, the causes, and consequences of human trafficking, the impact of this trade on both the trafficked person and society at large. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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