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(Name) (Professor) (Subject) (Date) The Respect and Care for the Three Chimpanzees It has been known in the scientific world that men are related to primates as supported by the Theory of Evolution by Charles Darwin. Centuries allowed people especially the scientists to investigate the origins of human beings…
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Position Paper: The Three Chimpanzees
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"Position Paper: The Three Chimpanzees"

Download file to see previous pages In the Victorian times, people were not able to accept that human beings are close relatives of the apes. Most people readily reject the idea unless they were scientists during that time and the driving curiosity just allowed more progress toward the further understanding on the existence of mankind. As time passed by, the scientific community was able to relate human beings with the existence of chimpanzees and bonobos. Behaviors, social structure, physical features and even DNA had been analyzed to establish the connections among the three “apes.” Based on behaviors, the three share many common behaviors like grooming, sex, war, conflict resolution, and hunt for food. In terms of social structure, they may show the male dominance in their society. When it comes to physical features, they share almost the same body structure except that humans can stand on two feet while bonobos and chimpanzees stand on fours. Then the DNA of the three showed striking similarities as the difference is just a “quantum leap,” (Jablonski 15). Sex has been a controversial issue in mankind and it can also be used in comparing the Three Chimpanzees. ...
Probably that behavior is a start for studies in learning about the origin of the tendency of mankind to indulge in sex. It has always been a controversial issue for human beings as some believed that sex is only for reproduction or procreation like that of the chimpanzees. For others, sex is an enjoyable practice which is done by people as part of their social lives like in the case exhibited by bonobos. Maybe the existence of the third gender or sex in human beings can be theorized to be connected to the behavior of bonobos. Whether it would be scientifically discovered in the future as a string of DNA sequence or whatsoever, nobody can change the fact that sex as an enjoyment is shared between humans and bonobos. Despite of the advancement in science that prove the connection between humans, chimpanzees and bonobos, people still exploit the environment that ruin the natural habitats of their close relatives in the animal kingdom. People make use of the natural resources with less care for the outcome and sustainability in the past decades and probably had resulted to decrease in the population of animals in the wild. It had affected the populations of chimpanzees and bonobos. Some even hunt down those apes for food and even used as part of their delicacy. Once they become extinct, it would give hardship for humans to trace back their ancestry in the animal kingdom as the study is not yet complete. Probably human existence would also be affected as everything on earth is interconnected. Once imbalance occurs, there would be chain reactions. Changes may not be very fast, but it may happen gradually. Should human beings wait for the time when everything is in chaos? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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