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In this scenario replacement of injured/ ailing organ is an approach to taking care of organ failure. With time and technological advancements, transplantation of animal organs to humans has diminished the…
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Genetically Modified animal-to-human xenograft
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"Genetically Modified animal-to-human xenograft"

Download file to see previous pages The present article discusses the perception about xenotransplantation as an opening for a better future and the fact that for others, it signifies a move towards one more AIDS-like epidemic. The article discusses research, debate and also the decisions in this area of science.
Xenotransplantation, as the name suggests, is a kind of transplantation that is performed between two different species; it encompasses transplantation of living cells, tissues or organs, usually as transplantation from non-human animal species into humans. This could be from mouse to humans or from pig to humans. The transformed tissue or organs are known as xenografts/ xenoplants. On the other hand, if the transplantation is performed between two similar species, then the process can be referred as allotransplantation.
With the increasing population, there is an increase in demand for health care and facilities that performs these procedures. It is not currently possible to perform allotransplantations. Moreover, a great number of patients in anticipation of getting organ replacement die on before they get the alternative organ or tissue. There is an augmented demand for allotransplants of heart, kidney and liver, and the most feasible method sought to fulfill the enhanced demand is xenografts. This is of critical interest to those whose ailing lives are on the verge of death and who are still waiting for any donated organ or tissue.
A survey was performed to take an assessment from patients regarding their understanding of types and techniques of transplant. The results display that around 75% of respondents knew about xenografting; of these 50% were ready to accept a xenograft for self and 43% for relative; 10% found a xenograft to be intolerable. On the other hand 40% were uncertain and wanted to know about the technology (Arundeii,, 1996). Only 27% ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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