In 750 words, using specific examples, explain how social stratification affected the development of medicine in ancient society - Research Paper Example

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Social stratification is borrowed from the concept of stratification in earth sciences. Social stratification groups together individuals with the same characteristics, either in general or specific. Groups are determined as lower or upper class, they have a certain position in the social spectrum…
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In 750 words, using specific examples, explain how social stratification affected the development of medicine in ancient society
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"In 750 words, using specific examples, explain how social stratification affected the development of medicine in ancient society"

When an individual does not meet the criteria set in a specific group, like a high income level, then he would be classified as a member of the lower income group. This causes discrimination as they do not belong to the higher class and they can only fit the lower class. Social stratification impacts different aspects of the society, not just in economic terms, but also in education and medicine or health. During the ancient times, in the reign of early civilizations such as Egypt and Mesopotamia, the society is highly stratified. They have different social classes, such as the rulers or the kings, the free men and the slaves. Egypt and Mesopotamia shared a similar technology and subsistence economy, the only difference being the form of classes (Trigger, p. 673, 2008). Mesopotamia had city-states and Egypt had a monarchy. But the dominant political form is kingship (Bulliet, p. 40, 2007). This establishes the existence of social stratification whether then or now (Grusky & Ku, p. 11, 2008). One of the areas affected severely by social stratification is health and medicine. To better understand how social stratification affected this area, it is important to take note of the key components of social stratification. ...
Medicine was believed to be a form of higher learning, something only accessible for the members of the upper class (Trigger, p. 673, 2003). Healing is very much associated with medicine. And this is strongly associated with divination, something very much evident in the Egyptian society. Medicine and healing was associated with divination as this learning allows the respected teachers and elders of the society to explain what cannot be easily explained (Trigger, p. 648, 2003). Examples of these are the weather, famine, death and restoration of health. Miracles are also categorized within the realms of health, medicine and healing. And this aspect is limited to those in the upper class of the Egyptian and Mesopotamian society. Since medicine and healing explains the unexplainable, learning them is granted to those in the upper class to maintain their power over the people. If the lower class is allowed access to the secrets of healing and medicine, they can overthrow the government and the social structure would be shaken. This proves that access to information or services is dependent on one’s position in the society (Tumin, p. 43, 2008). Belonging to the upper class ensures you can access different information and services the lower class cannot access. Learning about health, medicine and healing is one of these regulated services and information. Egypt and Mesopotamia highly values afterlife and their leaders, such as the pharaoh in Egypt. They are so bent on making sure that their leaders are well taken care of and that they can have a peaceful and good afterlife. But moreso, the society is obsessed with ensuring that these ruling classes have the best in their lifetime. That brings the upper classmen, Read More
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