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Ethnography. Patrons Flock the Supermarket - Research Paper Example

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Through personal observation it was found that when customers walk into a supermarket, the only things they set their eyes on are products that are displayed. On the other hand product producers have their eyes set on wallets of customers that walk in, to gain as much profit as possible. …
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Ethnography. Patrons Flock the Supermarket
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"Ethnography. Patrons Flock the Supermarket"

Download file to see previous pages Key Observations and Findings 9 6. Validation 11 Application of Ethnography: When Patrons Flock the Supermarket 1. Introduction 1.1. Research Question Through personal observation it was found that when customers walk into a supermarket, the only things they set their eyes on are products that are displayed. On the other hand product producers have their eyes set on wallets of customers that walk in, to gain as much profit as possible. But both groups of the customers and suppliers play an important role in affecting each other directly and indirectly. In addition the entire set up of the supermarket, its environment and customary changes that are brought also influence customers. With reference to the current subject matter i.e. ethnographic study of clientele in the supermarket, following are the research questions that have been framed: What specified factors influence a customer’s behaviors towards the sales process?’ ‘How the associations of culture of such a clientele modify their routine product consumption?’ ‘Whether the cultural affiliation of people affect their communicational procedures or not?’ Maguire and Ball (1994) presented alarming results regarding various ethnographical studies conducted in the United Kingdom. This study brought forth that the contemporary setting had a large amount of strain, which still continues to exist. The reasons behind these strains are numerous (2006: pp.269-285). As per my perspective, a less participant observational method application in ethnographical researches has been found to be a major contributing factor and reason behind a less number of these researches. It has also been found out that the persons involved in the researches were unable to understand the circumstances on personal experience which caused this deficiency in previous researches (Maguire, 1994). So in order for an ethnographic research to be a successful a personal involvement of the researcher is indispensible. 1.2. Purpose and Rationale This research paper has been conducted to bring in light the various sides of the state of affairs, and the course of action when various customers congregate in the supermarket. Other than the above provided motive, this paper aims at; a) understanding and a close observation of the people from many different backgrounds, b) Understanding the effects of the environment of the shopping are on the shoppers, c) the effects of the principles of certain people surrounding a populace. Thus a guidebook or some specific guidelines can be established by the marketing companies so that they could be able to understand the need of the customers. It is obtainable from Boddy’s research that 17% of the research organizations in the United Kingdom used the ethnographic research method to gain the results for better development of customer-supplier relationship (2009: pp.49). 2. Context of Research The field work of this research procedure was carried out in many markets which include Tesco Supermarket, in the West End area of Central London for two weeks. This specific supermarket was selected due to the reason that it was a simple superstore with a wide range of food items, clothing and accessories, DVDs, items of technical use, home-ware accessories, bakery items, available opticians, fresh meat, fish and items for kids such as toys etc. Though this store was uncomplicated with reference to the alignment of aisles and item availability, yet, a lot of attention was given to the atmospheric set-up and development of the ambiance. In accordance to Atkinson and Hamersley’s verification, the research procedure which I carried out mainly, or at least partially, (1994: pp.248). This meant that I had to be an active participant and it was necessary for me to gain access to the insights of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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