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Rain water harvesting - Essay Example

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This essay describes that rain water harvesting is just a technology that is used for collecting and also storing rainwater for human use obtained from land surfaces, rooftops, or rock catchment by use of techniques such as pots, jars or engineered techniques…
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Rain water harvesting
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"Rain water harvesting"

Download file to see previous pages The rainwater harvesting systems involves three main elements that are collection system, conveyance and storage system. The type of harvesting system rely on the magnitude as well as the nature of the catchment area. Simple roof water catchment is one of the collection systems used in many households whereby cistern, pipe and appurtenances are the materials used in roof water collection system. Second is the large systems that are made for the large institutions such as stadiums, schools among other facilities. The system appears complex as ground and roof water is preserved in underground reservoirs. Roof water systems for the higher buildings are another rainwater harvesting technique. In this system, roof water is often designed for collecting rainwater and the water is stored in a different cistern. Land surface catchments are regarded as the simplest way of harvesting runoff water as compared to rooftop catchment. Lastly, is the collection of storm water in urban areas whereby the storm water is subjected to various contaminants? In this catchment, maintaining the catchment clean is the central aim of the system and thus it entails consideration of water pollution control.The collection of the rainwater using gutters is determined by the material used in water harvesting that can affect the efficiency of the system. For example, the low-pitched roofs do not lose much water like steep-pitched roofs. The materials used in water harvesting and the location of the storage facility affect the efficiency of the system operation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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