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The Benefits of the Universitys Agricultural Patents - Article Example

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  This essay shows the patent’s beneficial effects. The same study indicates the benefits of the university’s agriculture patents. Patents ensure quality research outputs. The University’s toxin research improves the nation’s plant food quality and increases farm yields…
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The Benefits of the Universitys Agricultural Patents
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Extract of sample "The Benefits of the Universitys Agricultural Patents"

The Benefits of the University’s Agricultural Patents
Patents ensure quality research outputs. The study shows the patent’s beneficial effects. The same study indicates the benefits of the university’s agriculture patents. The University’s antoxin research improves the nation’s plant food quality and increase farm yields.
University of Illinois Agricultural Patent
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 2006 yearly report, the U. S. government's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and researchers from the University of Illinois have a partnership patent. The research and development patent focuses on agricultural research. Specifically, the research delves on one type of aflotoxin cell line area. The cell line defends stops the growth of mycotoxins. Within the global food environment, Mycotoxin-infected agricultural products precipitate to economic losses (DAR, 2006). University of Illinois (2013) offers Agriculture-based courses for farm enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.
With the ARS and-University of Illinois patent partnership, the outcome is the improvement of our nation’s agriculture product outputs. The partnership ensures there is abundantly safe top quality food on the American people’s tables. The service helps its citizens, communities, and entities generate economic gains from agriculture transactions. The service scientifically conducts research to solve the nation’s agricultural problems. Solving includes protecting the agricultural products from identified pests (DAR, 2006).
Purpose of patent
The purpose of the patent is to improve the nations’ agricultural food product scene. Improvement includes reducing the economic loss from infected agricultural food products. The research finds ways to reduce or eliminate the harmful effects a certain aflotoxin strain. Aflotoxin reduces the agricultural food products’ quality (DAR, 2006).
Further, the ARS partners with University of Illinois to create anti-toxin defenses. Certain fungi produce mycotoxins. The mycotoxins crop up and develop on certain plant types. The plant types include barley, corn, wheat. Aflotoxin is one type of mycotoxin, a toxin (having ill effects) substance (DAR, 2006).
Future applications of the patent
The patent has many future applications. The patent will ensure an increase in farm plant outputs. With the anti-toxin patent, University of Illinois and the United States Government's Agricultural Research Service increases the supply of plant food. With more food, the U.S. Government's hunger statistics is reduced. More food supply contributes to the reduction of farm food prices. Consequently, more poor people can afford to buy plenty of nourishing food items (DAR, 2006).
Negatives to use of this patent
There are no negatives to the use of the patent. The patent ensures only qualified researchers of University of Illinois and ARS develop anti-toxins. The patent prohibits unauthorized (unlicensed by the patent restrictions) individuals or groups from conducting their substandard antitoxins. Without scientific research expertise, the unlicensed persons may not successfully develop effective antitoxins. The patent ensures the production of effective toxin defenses (DAR, 2006).
Patents prohibit unauthorized lackluster quality researches. Patents have beneficial effects. The patent partnership between the U.S. Agriculture Research Service and University of Illinois focused on creating antitoxins. Evidently, the antitoxin research and development patent ensures the University’s agriculture department continues to help improve our nation’s agriculture’s food quality and increase farm production.
University of Illinois (2013). Department of Agriculture. Retrieved January 21, 2014, from University of Illinois Department of Agriculture:
U.S. Dept of Agriculture (2006). Annual Report. New York: U.S. Dept of Agriculture Press. Read More
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