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History of Spanish Cinema and Analysis of Alejandro Amenabars-The Others - Movie Review Example

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 This essay analyses the history, appreciation and deeply researched of a film industry in Spain that the industry has provided audiences over the years. It discusses the works of Alejandro Amenabar and other successful directors so the future of film industry in Spain is in safe and strong hands…
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History of Spanish Cinema and Analysis of Alejandro Amenabars-The Others
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Extract of sample "History of Spanish Cinema and Analysis of Alejandro Amenabars-The Others"

Download file to see previous pages By the mid-nineteenth century, Spain saw a free flow of silent movies in the society. From the Civil Wars in the 1930s to 1960, Spanish moviemakers mastered the craft of transferring its genius from silent to sound movies. Many critics preserve that fact that this was the best times of Spanish filmmaking and refer to the period of time between 1914 and 1960, as the epic period of Spanish filmmaking.
Movies created between 1914 and 1960 established the Spanish genius of capturing the reality of life through the lens and the ability of Spanish filmmakers to experiment and analyze different storylines possible in fiction. Prominent filmmakers or directors who made sincere contributions to Spanish filmmaking during this time were Geral Bourgeois, Florian Rey, Ricardo de Banos and Jacinto Benavente. While these were pioneers of the silent age, consequent filmmakers were required to move out of the silent mode of filmmaking owing to the destructive impact of the Civil Wars of the 1930s (Besas, 1985, p.140). There was no doubt that while only ten percent of silent movies were left after the destruction by Civil Wars, the country had to find a new way to entertain people who would not want to destroy creative sources of entertainment as cinema. Celluloid films made before 1936 were destroyed and reused as goods. It was also clear that political and civil forces wanted to use films to be the mode of spreading awareness about each movement. As a result, many movies dedicated to certain propaganda against the Franco rule were created in the 1940s.
While political propaganda and censorships were a major driving force in films with and without audio in the 1940s, filmmakers did not stick to the idea of serious societal issues and started experimenting with newer storylines and brought fictional twists to most of the political occurrences around them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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