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Lighting Designer - Assignment Example

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This essay describes the light, that is a powerful and atmospheric medium in visual art, with the help of which, it is possible to create necessary atmosphere and reflect the time of the action. Lighting designer is the professional who manages light and makes best of it…
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Lighting Designer
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Extract of sample "Lighting Designer"

Lighting Designer
We hardly imagine to which extent lighting changes our perception of the world. Light is a powerful and atmospheric medium in visual art with the help of which it is possible to create necessary atmosphere and reflect the time of the action or make accent on specific person or object.Lighting designer is the professional who manages light and makes best of it. In direct sense the lighting is used to
Demonstrate some specific part of the day, season or even geographical location;
Put the audience in relevant mood;
Make emphasis on a certain actor, place and shift it when necessary;
Make the style of the production more powerful and influential;
Change the perception of the objects on the stage;
First of all the lighting designer familiarizes with a script to get some general idea of how lighting can be used in each particular scene. Then he usually meets with the director of the play and the set designer in order to discuss their vision of general look of the performance. Set designer shows lighting designer his plan with the placement of objects on the scene. It is important to elaborate common view on the lighting on this stage and choose relevant equipment. It is possible to prevent possible problems on this phase as well. The lighting designer has to collaborate with all team in order to interpret the play right and help other designers to create common “look” of performance. The specialists constantly share their ideas and impressions from preparation.The work of lighting designer iscompleted by the very performance, and the light crew makes everything during the play under the his control.
Lighting designer uses specific instruments in his work and prepares a number of materials needed for production. He prepares some sketches and photos of the scenes with different types of lighting which serve various purposes. He elaborates lighting plot in which he indicates every lighting fixture to be utilized along with the general view of the stage. An equipment schedule which is created in the form of a list in which all the instruments that will be used during the staging are mentioned along with the circuits they will be connected. A cue sheet will help the lighting designer to understand what type of light, color, intensity, and prolongation will be used during performance.
The lighting designer works with direct and indirect light which come from various sources. The lighting designer operates with four light properties to create some specific atmosphere and mood:
Lighting color is created with special filters and gels. Lighting colors give opportunity to a designer to emphasize some element of the costume or a piece of scenery, make accent on the actor`s face;
Intensity of lighting is the means of creation the time of the day and the focus on the object. Intense light in complete darkness will attract viewers` attention to an actor when he is saying an important monologue or create haze and dim when it is appropriate;
Distribution of lighting creates an illusion of lighting coming through various objects such as leaves of the trees;
Lighting movement coordinates all the above mentioned parameters allowing to change them from scene to scene.
So the work of lighting designer consists of adjusting the light to the staging requirements and collaborating with other specialists to make a general look of performance.
Lighting Designer.American Association of Community Theatre. Retrieved from: Read More
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Lighting Designer Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Lighting Designer Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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