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Lighting Design - Assignment Example

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Local and more demanding tasks like reading table. Accent lighting should highlight particular objects in the space or for architecture.
General lighting can also be provided to give a uniform illumination…
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Lighting Design
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Extract of sample "Lighting Design"

2. a) relevant documents required for lighting design: Building energy s document for example approved document L Manufacturers lighting data Lighting catalogue
The first approach to a lighting design is know what the space is used for. This will enable us to know the quantity of light, color temperature and direction
For general and orientation tasks, ensure the illumination is ambient. Local and more demanding tasks like reading table. Accent lighting should highlight particular objects in the space or for architecture.
General lighting can also be provided to give a uniform illumination throughout the space and work planes.Suplemental and task lighting will provide lighting for the specific area and tailored for such a space.
Lighting design can also take a more sophisticated approach, this will not only consider the luminous intensity, but it will also ensure that there is a more desired effect, this will be very artistic; the direction of light is actually more controlled.
b.)EFFICACY = Luminaire Efficiency x Total Rated Lamp Lumens x Ballast Factor (BF) ÷ Luminaire Watts.
Ground Floor – 18 luminaires (2 x 26 W and cosθ = 0.98) 
Lamps Lumen output = 3600lm (luminaire LOR 75%)
Lamps total power=52W
Lamps overall lumen output=7200lm
Overall efficacy=0.75*7200*0.98/52
Ground floor corridor - 25 LED Luminaires (18 W- cosθ = 1) 
Lamps Lumen Output = 1000lm (luminaire LOR 65%)
Lamps total power=18W
Lamps overall lumen output=1000lm
Overall efficacy=1*1000*0.65/18
First floor – 20 luminaires (4 x 18 W – cosθ= 0.97)
Lamps lumen output = 2600lm (luminaire LOR 62%)
Lamps total power=72W
Lamps overall lumen output=2600lm
Overall efficacy=0.62*2600*0.97/72
Second Floor – 15 Luminaires (2 x 58 W – cosθ = 0.95) 
Lamps lumen output = 10,000 lm (luminaire LOR 62%) 
Show all stages of calculations (total lumens – Tot. watts).
Lamps total power=96W
Lamps overall lumen output=10,000lm
Overall efficacy=0.62*10000*0.95/96
2 .c) the values does not comply with approve document L, in four luminaires, only two is above 45lumens/watt.
2. d) Document L guides that the building should average over its area an efficacy of 45 lumens per watt. I will need to install luminaires with high efficiency and high efficacy in order to meet this regulations.
2. e) New buildings should be provided with high efficiency condensing boilers which meets recommended minimum standards for this section. Read More
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(Lighting Design Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Lighting Design Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Lighting Design Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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