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Video Analysis: John Grierson's Drifters - Movie Review Example

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The author analyzes the documentary ‘Drifters’ which showcases the struggle occurring in the open seas. The documentary shows that there is a struggle between man versus nature and tradition versus modernity. The documentary establishes major themes of the British Documentary Film Movement. …
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Video Analysis: John Griersons Drifters
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Download file to see previous pages With the strong winds blowing and characteristics waves of the sea water, it is a normal scenario to see the waters crash against the rocky shoreline. The gulls stare at this event with great anticipation. There are a hundred trawlers crammed along the harbor (Aitken, 2013). Tall masts jut through the thick smoke. On the other end, there are huge cranes swinging amongst them and carry crates of equipment and other supplies. An army of men hauls what their strength can hold towards their boats. The furnaces have the burning coal to fuel the engines. These are the opening scenes of the documentary by John Grierson. 
The major themes surfacing from the documentary are the importance of working hard and the dignity of the laborers. Drifters take the initiative of narrating the usual challenges of a common fisherman and the actual situation leading to the same. In the film, John Grierson brings something unique to the cinema world at the time. He presents what many reviewers would call the drama unfolding and residing in the living facts. Drifters present the principles of John Grierson that were much different from the majority of the films produced in Hollywood and Britain at the period (John Grierson-Drifters, 1929). The film showcases the life experiences of real people and not actors, in their real location rather than sets. 
Drifters create a rhythmic machinery of the events tying them to the relentless of the wind and the sea water.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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