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Discourse in a Scripted Dialogue From the Movie Scent of a Woman - Assignment Example

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This paper "Discourse in a Scripted Dialogue From the Movie Scent of a Woman" focuses on the fact that field refers to the subject matter or the topic of discourse. It answers the questions as to what is happening, what is the activity, and what the text is about (Gee, 2005). …
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Discourse in a Scripted Dialogue From the Movie Scent of a Woman
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Extract of sample "Discourse in a Scripted Dialogue From the Movie Scent of a Woman"

Download file to see previous pages So much is Charlie’s language influenced by his background in the army that Trask (James Rebhorn’s Character) has to tell him that he is “in the Baird School, not a barracks.”

Tenor refers to the roles of participants in discourse. It tells about the participants and their relative status and power (Gee, 2005). Charlie is being questioned for his involvement in a prank that has been pulled on the school's headmaster, Mr Trask. Charlie and his colleague, George Willis, Jr., know about the boys who pulled this prank because they see them setting it up on the night before the prank. Mr Trask knows of this and he offers a bribe to Charlie and George so that they give up the name of the pranksters. The bribe is a letter of recommendation that would virtually guarantee their acceptance in Harvard. Charlie rejects this bribe but George accepts it. Charlie has helped Slade earlier for a few days in return for remuneration. Their company has made them close and they have an affinity for each other. Slade unexpectedly comes to Charlie’s school to support him during the proceedings. While Charlie and George are being questioned, George divulges the names of the pranksters but also adds that his vision is impaired and he cannot be sure about what he saw. Mr Trask presses him further which makes him pass the burden on Charlie by saying that Charlie would have been sure as to the identity of the pranksters as he has a clear vision. Charlie does not give the names of the perpetrators which leads Mr Trask to recommend to the disciplinary committee that they should expel Charlie. At this moment, Colonel Slade is unable to contain himself and interrupts the proceedings.

Mode refers to the channel in which communication takes place. Channel includes the language in which discourse takes place (Gee, 2005). The selected text is in spoken form and in English. It can be called a dialogue but it also has traits of a speech delivered to a mass audience.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Discourse in a Scripted Dialogue From the Movie Scent of a Woman Assignment, n.d.)
Discourse in a Scripted Dialogue From the Movie Scent of a Woman Assignment.
(Discourse in a Scripted Dialogue From the Movie Scent of a Woman Assignment)
Discourse in a Scripted Dialogue From the Movie Scent of a Woman Assignment.
“Discourse in a Scripted Dialogue From the Movie Scent of a Woman Assignment”.
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