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D.W. Griffith: The Life and Achievements of the Genius Filmmaker - Research Paper Example

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 This essay focuses on the life and achievements of the genius filmmaker of D.W. Griffith. His innovations with camera angles and movements, lighting, editing, and storytelling have inspired future innovative directors, such as Erich von Stroheim and Sergey Eisenstein…
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D.W. Griffith: The Life and Achievements of the Genius Filmmaker
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Extract of sample "D.W. Griffith: The Life and Achievements of the Genius Filmmaker"

Download file to see previous pages Davids southern upbringing, which meant defeat during the Civil War, has also likely affected his hatred for imperialism and wars, which manifested later on in his films (Henderson, 2010, p.1 ).
David grew up in the “Lofty Green” farm, where he obtained his early education from his older sister, Mattie, who was a school teacher (Henderson, 2010, p.1). In a single-room country school, David and his peers read the classics of “Dickens, Shakespeare, and Sir Walter Scott” (Henderson, 2010, p.1).When David was ten years old, his father died. Life became more difficult for the Griffiths after they learned that Jake, who was believed to be a gambler, mortgaged their farm and left them with numerous debts (Lang, 1994, p.25). Mary Griffith sold their farm to pay for all their debts and several months after Jake died, the Griffith family moved into the older sons house in Shelby County near Southville (Lang, 1994, p.26). Though the next five years were not the saddest times in Davids life, they were one of the hardest (Lang, 1994, p.26). In 1889, their family moved again to Louisville, Kentucky, where Mattie was teaching (Lang, 1994, p.26). During this time, Louisville was described as one of the “most prosperous and interesting cities in the South (Lang, 1994, p.26). Their transition to urban living would have been better if Mattie did not die from tuberculosis (Lang, 1994, p.26). In order to survive, David worked on odd jobs, until he left secondary school at around 1890 (Lang, 1994, p.26). He worked at the J.C. Lewis Dry Goods Store for more than two years, then as a clerk at Flexner's Book Store, the city's most famous bookshop and a well-known “intellectual center” (Lang, 1994, p.26).
As a bookshop clerk, David indulged his love for reading, art, music, and theater (Lang, 1994, p.26).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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