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Banksy Graffiti Work - Essay Example

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Work of most street artists is anonymous and only known through their tagging pseudonyms. The work of the U.K. street artist Banksy Graffiti is different, since his work can be presently seen around the world. Previously most people claimed to know the true identity of Banksy, but none of them was definitive. …
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Banksy Graffiti Work
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Although there was recognition of signature style and the pseudonym of Banksy, no one knew for sure about Banksy. However, some information regarding Banksy gained wide acceptance, for example, people accepted that Banksy is from Bristol, United Kingdom. Banksy graffiti started in early 1990s and began to gain widespread infamy around 2003. He was born in 1974 and sports a tooth of silver (Brian 1). Over the years, Banksy refused to reveal his real name or to be interviewed in person (Brian 2).
Among the social issues Banksy addresses through his art are issues on capitalism, poverty, war, and governments. On several occasions, Banksy’s work can be associated with vandalism, and many individuals said that Banksy should be prosecuted (Jencks 90). The talents of Banksy’s are not limited to paint and pencil drawing; he has been accountable for various social commentaries which involved replacing Paris Hilton CDs with his own created CDs. He has also sneaked his personal work into numerous art museums. Banksy opposes the organized art world, although he now creates some convectional work. Many people applaud Banksy’s work, but those who criticize him say that his work oversimplifies issues to appeal to the masses (Hatch and Hatch 56).
Synopsis and Visual Description of Banksy Work
Banksy artist work involves stenciling, painting, and drawing. Banksy started his creative artwork when he was a young boy at his home in Bristol, where he graced the walls of buildings near his home. Banksy original arts may be seen on walls of buildings around the world. Street art is in most cases considered a crime; therefore, street artists use stencils so that they can be able to work quickly. Banksy worked ahead by creating the stencils; then he went to the street and sprayed the stencils. Banksy’s talent and his message involve urban art and traditional paper-and pencil territory. Banksy was a butcher, and he started his graffiti work during the aerosol boom in Bristol in late 1980s (Jencks 98). Banksy started his freehand graffiti work in 1992-1994 where he was one of Bristol’s DryBreadZ Crew (DBZ). His inspiration came from local artists, and he used stencils as components of his freehand pieces. He turned to stenciling in 2000, after he realized it took less time to complete a piece and he was hiding from the police. His stencils feature humorous and striking images occasionally combined with slogans (Hatch and Hatch 65). The messages of Banksy work are usually anti-capitalist, anti-war, or anti-establishment. Subjects include monkeys, rats, children, soldiers, policemen, and the elderly. In late 2000, he toured Melbourne and Sydney, Australia where he met recluse James DeWeaver and Gen-X pastellist, visual activist in Byron Bay. At the Arts Factory Lodge toilet, he stenciled a parachuting rat with other clothes pin on nose. He was behind the cover art of 2003 Blur’s Think Tank album. In July 2002, Banksy had his first show in Los Angeles at 33 1/3 Galleys. In Turf War show held in a warehouse in 2003, Banksy painted on animals. Later he started producing subverted painting; an example is Monet’s Water Lily Pond, modified to include urban detritus such as garbage and shopping trolley suspended in its reflective waters among other paintings. In 2005, these Banksy oil paintings got displayed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Banksy Graffiti Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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