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The researcher of this essay aims to analyze floor painting, which is the ‘in’ things nowadays. This is because it has not been touched much in the recent past. The possibilities with painting on the floor made me realize that it is such an interesting thing to do…
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Floor Painting is the in Things Now-a-days
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Floor Painting is the ‘in’ Things Nowadays
Floor painting is the ‘in’ things now-a-days. This is because it has not been touched much in the recent past. The possibilities with painting on the floor made me realize that it is such an interesting thing to do. My town citizens were painting on the floor when I visited the area. I saw the art form in a wholly new way that day. It made me realize that even this form of art is a possibility which just amazed me quite a lot. I am sure that the people would have done their homework and decided on what they wanted to project with this floor painting. They were perhaps of the view that art could be done anywhere, without any restrictions at all and thus they decided to paint the floor. The colors scattered on the floor gave a very beautiful look and I was surprised to see this new art form on the floor. I had never seen such a thing earlier so it made me feel very good. I wanted to be a part of this activity so I asked one of the painters what he was painting. He told me that they were painting mother earth, with the figures of planet and the earth in relation with one another. I enjoyed being there. The people gathered there to witness the activity were also surprised to see that such an event was taking place in front of their eyes. In fact the whole scene was way too beautiful for me to envision and indeed understand.
I asked many questions from the people who were present there. The artists were trying their best to paint earth and its different colors. They were using the blue color for the water that is there in abundance on our planet and the other colors were used for the continents. There was a wide variety of colors spread on the floor which looked very astounding. I was happy to see positive enthusiasm within the people. It reflected their interest in the work that they were doing. It also spoke of their attachment to Mother Nature and anything that looked beautiful for their own sake. It is indeed our duty to make our earth look beautiful with each passing day (Marlin 1989). This activity was very enthralling in the sense that it made all of us feel happy and merry with delight and the colors that were spread all around made a jovial feel towards the activity that was going on. I stayed there for at least an hour and then I decided to take some snaps of the activity that was going on. I took a number of good looking photographs and then I left the place with a feeling that there are still people present in this world who want to do away with pollution and all the problems which have engulfed our lives. I was very happy whilst coming back home that I saw something of interest and worldly value. I would love to attend similar events in the future as well.

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Marlin, Steve. Art for whose Sake? National Review, Vol. 41, April 21, 1989

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