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Art: A Futile Endeavour or an Important Task - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Art: A Futile Endeavour or an Important Task?” the author focuses on the task of describing the physical properties and nature of the world around us, which often defies our efforts, such as when we attempt to describe the color purple without the benefit of having any other color…
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Art: A Futile Endeavour or an Important Task
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Extract of sample "Art: A Futile Endeavour or an Important Task"

Download file to see previous pages Art is an important part of the life experience as it evokes feelings and emotions that attach themselves to the work in question and portrays the meaning of our culture. Yet, society continues to struggle with the definition of art. Art defies description; we may know it when we see it, but we can not define it as it is too complex, varied, and prone to individual subjectivity.
To define art, it is first necessary to define where the art is at. The art may be the act of its production, the end result, or the sensation that the viewer experiences from the encounter. To be considered art, all three components must be consciously involved in its production. As an example, if a paint can inadvertently spill onto a canvas, it is not art even if it is beautiful. There was no action on the part of the artist that would elevate an accidental spill to the level of art. Likewise, if the art produces no sensation in the viewer, such as a bottle of urine, then the art has no artistic content no matter how much time and effort the artist spent. Allowing work to be labeled art that does not meet these requirements results in the flood of mediocrity, and worse, that has recently come to the attention of the popular media. Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres described these types of works in the 18th century as, "…banality, which is a public scourge, which afflicts taste and burdens the administration, fruitlessly absorbing resources, it would be best to abandon exhibitions; to declare boldly that only monumental painting be encouraged" (cited in Harrison, Wood, & Gaiger, 1998, p.469). Ignoring this important aspect of art has been responsible for inappropriate bodily fluids being labeled and accepted as mainstream art.
The standard definition of art includes the traditional view that artwork is characterized by the possession of representational properties. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Art: A Futile Endeavour or an Important Task Assignment, n.d.)
Art: A Futile Endeavour or an Important Task Assignment.
(Art: A Futile Endeavour or an Important Task Assignment)
Art: A Futile Endeavour or an Important Task Assignment.
“Art: A Futile Endeavour or an Important Task Assignment”.
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