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Analysis of Camilo Jose Vergaras Award-Winning: The New American Ghetto - Case Study Example

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"Analysis of Camilo Jose Vergara’s Award-Winning: The New American Ghetto" paper studies the life and works of the great photographer, whose pictures have brought to light a completely different status of American society, with special emphasis on his award-winning collection of ghettos…
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Analysis of Camilo Jose Vergaras Award-Winning: The New American Ghetto
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Camilo Jose Vergaras Award-Winning: The New American Ghetto"

Download file to see previous pages A photographer of deserving international fame, Camilo Jose Vergara was born in Santiago, Chile before he relocated to the United States. In the long expanse of a career in photography, Vergara has taken up a very important task: presenting ghettos of urban poverty prevalent in cities of the United States to the world. A task that has been applauded by many, partly because of the fact that others overlook it, and partly because of the marvelous way in which Vergara has successfully accomplished it. Therefore, we may observe a sense of systematic hard work, dedication, and even courage in his collection of ghettos. In fact, Vergara is very highly acclaimed for a sense of articulate observation which is clearly reflected in his works. A detailed study of the decay of the urban environment in the United States and a personal look into the sufferings of American Slums is not only an uphill task but a task well worth the applause.

After getting his B.A in sociology from the University Of Notre Dame, Vergara obtained his Masters from the University of Columbia. As stated earlier, his career as a photographer is more or less replete if a discussion of his studies into a decaying Urban America is mentioned. All in all, Vergara’s work has been published in Seven Books:

All these books have a great deal to say about an Unknown, intangible superpower. In his book “How the other half worships”, Vergara has shown precisely why he should be compared to an ace photographer like Jacob Riis.  The book, considered to be inspired by Riis’ world-famous “How the other half lives”, gives the world an insight into some of America’s most depressing, poverty-riddled, and pitiable slums. The decay of the urban environment so beautifully captured in his book leads many to think about an almost unimaginable America.

An even more significant achievement came by in the form of a revolutionary collection of photographs in his 1997 book, “The New American Ghetto”. The book fetched Vergara the highly prestigious Robert. E. Park award by the American Sociological Association. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Camilo Jose Vergaras Award-Winning: The New American Case Study.
(Analysis of Camilo Jose Vergaras Award-Winning: The New American Case Study)
Analysis of Camilo Jose Vergaras Award-Winning: The New American Case Study.
“Analysis of Camilo Jose Vergaras Award-Winning: The New American Case Study”.
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