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Impact of New Technologies - Assignment Example

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I can justify the artworks of the artists above is fine art at par with conventional methods of art making by arguing that it is simply an extension of conventional art books. The above artists employ digital methods of creating art, thereby producing digital works of art…
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Impact of New Technologies
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Extract of sample "Impact of New Technologies"

Impact of New Technologies I can justify the artworks of the artists above is fine art at par with conventional methods ofart making by arguing that it is simply an extension of conventional art books. The above artists employ digital methods of creating art, thereby producing digital works of art. Digital art is an extension of conventional art, which means that they are both to some extent at par with each other. The slight difference relevant to this argument is that the above artists do not need to learn the skills of painting to turn into excellent sculptors.
Another justification is the fact that tradition always evolves and adopts new trends. This fact is applicable to art as well and not only in the disciplines. Just like conventional methods of creating art, digital artists require time fulfil their goals and accomplish masterpieces. For instance, Andrew Liszewski reveals how 3-D scanning can upgrade Renaissance cultures. Liszewski describes the entire creation as a “painstakingly long computer-controlled milling procedure” (Liszewski 2014). The same description is relatively applicable to traditional artworks such as Leonardo da Vinci’s “Monalisa” and Michelangelo’s painting “The Creation of Adam,” which took several years to complete. Tangibility has often been a pivotal aspect of art but is no longer a main concern. Digital techniques are a disruptive innovation in the field of art ITN (Source 2007). However, this technology does not disrupt their fineness in comparison with traditional methods of creating art.
One can easily compare 3-D scanning and conventional methods of creating art to achieve a critical analysis both formal arts. However, competing both forms of art makes it difficult to justify the digital methods of creating art. Barry X Ball’s final product is helpful because original sculpture lost a number of elements over the years (Museum of Arts and Design 2013). This effort makes the ready scanning artist’s creation and almost necessary endeavor for admirers of the original sculpture.
Whether the above artists’ works are used in graphic projects or for commercial reasons is important. When 3-D scanning or digital methods are used to create art, the products are considered applied arts. As a result, proponents of traditional methods of creating art would argue that such applied arts are not at par with traditional works of art. For example, Barry X Ball employs a different style of art with different methods in contrast to the creator of the original sculpture. Ball uses art concepts used by traditional artists such as balance, color hypothesis, coherence, and contrast. These concepts are evident in Ball’s works in the “Cool Hunting Video” and Liszewski’s article, as well as other digital artists such as Camille Utterback, Theo Jansen, and Romy Achituv (Coolhunting 2014).
Projector art by Chris Milk and 3-D scanning art by Camille Utterback and Theo Jansen do not offer the texture and volume that conventional artworks do (Ferret 2011). However, I still think the above artworks will stand the test of time same way that Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol have. I think this lack of delivery and provision is only temporary. Just like any other field or sector that employs innovative tools and solutions, there will always be signs of progress and upgrades that improve them significantly (The Creators Project 2012). For now, digital art is easier to edit, which enables artists to apply multiple effects and filters that present completely new innovative experiences.
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Impact of New Technologies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Impact of New Technologies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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