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Indeed, a similar phenomenon is not found anywhere beyond the boundaries of the society which is formed by humans; that is why art might be largely seen…
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Pick one by yourself
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"Pick one by yourself"

Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, in order to fully appreciate a work of art one should be able to combine one’s perception with factual information about the artist and the context of work. This paper will provide a background of Pablo Picasso’s work titled Man with a Guitar, personal reflection from the author and a comprehensive analysis of the piece of art.
To begin with, it may be particularly important to dwell on some aspects of biography of the artist and the historical events of the time. Pablo Picasso as a person who was extremely active in the first part of the twentieth century: the threshold of the new era. The world in general was look for new point of view on reality and so did talented people. The work of art in question may be referred to as a representative of Cubism which stands for a particular period on artistic development of Picasso, which was preceded by experiments often termed Blue, Rose and African influenced periods (Walther 15). Thus, the new art movement presented the audience with a novel view on reality that is deconstructed up to the fundamental geometric shapes and recreated on canvas with the creative power of an artist (Rathus 289).
Having considered the historical background, it may be useful to pay attention to the emotion that the painting in question provoked. Thus, when I first looked at the painting I tried to guess what the artist depicted. I saw many shapes which I recognized as triangles and thought that the title of the work of art will be somehow connected to them. I could not see any other color by brown and black; so, I supposed that the painting was not about nature. I was extremely surprised when I learned that it is called Man with a Guitar. I looked carefully to find any trace of a human figure or a musical instrument. I observed the painting over and over and after several minutes I saw some clues. I could see the stings, the sound hole and even one machine head; however, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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