Male, Masculine, Virility - Book Report/Review Example

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The photograph depict male archetype of strength, virility, experience and warrior like superiority. It is the modern day version of warrior with warrior where the heroic deeds of the few can annihilate a huge…
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Male, Masculine, Virility
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Teacher Pervasive, Invisible, and Possible Images The photograph is about Jason Statham in the film The Expendables. The photograph depict male archetype of strength, virility, experience and warrior like superiority. It is the modern day version of warrior with warrior where the heroic deeds of the few can annihilate a huge number of enemy real or imagined. The image reinforces the male stereotype of strength and this benefits those males who are physically endowed and those who are in the industry of conflict. This film however is harmful to those who are not physically big and in occupations that involves more thinking because it esteems physical strength and courage more than intelligence. In totality, the image promotes virility, physical strength and violence more than intelligence, civility and diplomacy.
The background of the photograph is filled with smoke and the surrounding is littered with small particles of fire indicating that he just came from a war reinforcing the warrior image of the photograph. It creates an ambiance of war where the main protagonist of Jason Statham is comfortable in and emerges as a victor where he finished all of his enemies.
This photograph is very much consistent with the readings from Nadaner where he asserted that modern photographs today glorifies violence and war (in addition to sex). The culture of violence is perpetrated through mainstream media that its omnipotent presence desensitize us from its negative effect. Society in turn does not only become sexist but also war mongerer which partially explains why we live in a very violent and conflicted times. Read More
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Male, Masculine, Virility Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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