Compare and contrast feminine and masculine, and their notion/stereotype in three paragraph - Essay Example

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As can be illustrated above, the masculine words represent strong objects that have supportive functions and play a role in facilitating other activity. For example a plate is responsible for…
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Compare and contrast feminine and masculine, and their notion/stereotype in three paragraph
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[Teacher’s word Masculine Feminine plate √ 2. pool √ 3. history √ 4. finger √ 5. laughter √ 6. dirt √ 7. Kazoo √ 8. umbrella

9. sky

10. elephant
11. rake

12. diamond

There are similarities in the masculine words mainly due to their representation. As can be illustrated above, the masculine words represent strong objects that have supportive functions and play a role in facilitating other activity. For example a plate is responsible for holding food and without this plate the food would not be dispersed in different places and would lack the organization it possess in the plate. This is complementary to humans and the male role of support. The umbrella performs a similar supportive function of shielding humans from the rain and sun. The diamond is similar to the rake which is tough and strong; traits that are both essential for the function of a male.
On the other hand, the female words are more gentle and broader and symbolize things that individuals encounter in their everyday lives. The pool holds many individuals and in this vicinity they experience many memories and joyful activities. This is similar to history that also holds many experiences in an individual’s life and is essential in the formation of his or her character. Therefore, both the masculine and feminine words are a representation of the lives of both sexes respectively and they are similar in the representation of the main features of the different gender groups.
The words were chosen mainly according to the feature of the word and its meaning. The different meanings were then compared to the general roles served by the different gender groups and this was used as criteria for the classification. The meaning of each of the words therefore creates an image that represents a particular group.
Males and females are different in their nature and characters and this mainly serves as an advantage for the gender roles they occupy in the community. Women are usually more emotional connected as they play a nurturing role in the family. Women usually use their emotions to make certain decisions and these emotions are founded on the basis of their previous experiences. On the other hand, males are required to provide and serve a firmer and authoritative role. They are required to be strong and in the majority of situations they mask their emotions and suppress them when they are required to make tough decisions. The classification of the words coincides with the stereotyping of men and women as the meaning of the word was used in comparison to these stereotypical roles that are served by men and women. The notion that males are emotional was utilized to classify the male words and that men are generally tougher in terms of their character.
In summation, males and females serve different roles in the community and these roles can be represented by different words. Women and men are easily distinguishable by their emotional traits and lifestyle. Despite the fact that this has been used to stereotype certain genders as weak, the difference in emotions of the sexes is essential in the balance in societal function. It helps both men and women fulfill different roles in their family that facilitate for a good home for the children. Read More
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