Use of Pathos in Penn and Teller's Bullshit: Fast Food Film - Movie Review Example

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This review "Use of Pathos in Penn and Teller's Bullshit: Fast food Film" discusses an emotion of the viewers and provokes audience judgment on the issue under scrutiny. In the "Penn and Tellers Bullshit" film, the author employs pathos to influence or change individuals opinion on fast food…
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Use of Pathos in Penn and Tellers Bullshit: Fast Food Film
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The use of pathos in the film is manifested across the film; the commentator interesting takes fast food literary while suggesting that fast food is not healthy. Certainly, this is a rhetorical twist that is compounded by the sarcasm of the freedom to choose what to eat. The director of the film brings out the issues of failure to take personal initiative to control what they take. While the option of exercising and dieting are open to the citizens, others rhetorically believe that the government should regulate fast food outlets. The use of overweight artists in the film that takes the fast foods throughout the film creates figurative creativity. The director uses visual stimuli to pass the message in total regard to the real acts of the participants of the film and eating habits.
In addition, the message that obesity is one of the emerging public health concerns is over. The fact that the commentator describes the physically fit persons in the film as skinny is an act of rhetoric and sarcasm to the fast food eaters. Rhetorically, a physically fit couple admits that they cannot do without fast foods. In an interview, with a parent, a child is seen feeding on fast food while the parents are not seen eating these foods. In addition, the use of pathos is evident in the film where one of the serving plates is written: "mindless eating" certainly, this is the rhetorical presentation of this controversial topic. In addition, the author intends to present fast food eating as insensible eating is founded and compounded throughout the film sarcasm in images of obese persons.
While eating fast, food appears unhealthy; the director presents the craving of the food as the primary motivator to those who love this diet. Besides, the use of pathos better explains the irresponsible personal choices on the food while blaming food production firms. In addition, the rhetoric sustained across the film is the fact that there is public knowledge on obesity, diabetes and other health woes, but they continue taking these foods
The commentator of the film employs humorous rhetorics that serve to identify how severe the fast food has continued to affect the Americans negatively. There is a consensus with the chunk food users that American eating habits are the sole cause of the rising cases of diabetes and obesity. Besides, families in this film agree that there is a failure inside of the government to regulate prices of these fast food outlets.
There is a presumptuous suggestion that children are the biggest victims of this juvenile obesity while the parents ironically are seen feeding their children. The irony created by the film is the irresponsibility from family, institution and state level in nurturing positive eating habits. In addition, the CEO of the Carls restaurant, for instance, admits the challenge posed by fast food while the company continues to produce similar food. It is certainly clear that the director successfully employs these episodic metaphors in discouraging chunk in presenting a generational prediction that the fast food industry is bound to grow through the coming generations. The ultimate purpose of pathos is the creation of the rhetorical presentation of eating choices. Read More
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