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Report about the museum printing - Essay Example

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They include the Cotton Pickers, Shiva as the Lord of Dance and Cliff Dwellers. The essay will examine the implication of each artwork relative to…
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Report about the museum printing
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Download file to see previous pages This painting exhibits exception for its realism and sensitive handling of the subjects. The painting is remarkable because it conveys the message of the low class occupied by the rural Africans. The workers are represented by as graceful and majestic figures (Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 89). The message of feeling sympathy and respect for the peasants is vividly exhibited in this painting.
The art is a sculpture designed and constructed by the Tamil sculptors of the Chola dynasty. The sculptor measures 76.20 by 57.15 by 17.78 cm. The designers completed the sculpture to reflect the Siva as the lord of yoga. The sculpture represents the Indian civilization. The physical appearance resonates with the message of the sculptors that Siva is Supreme Being that represents the source of the cosmic dance. In addition, the sculpture’s representation of the source of dance is evident on the upper right hand of Siva, which holds a drum (Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 97). The drum represents a primeval sound at the creation of the earth.
The artwork is a painting, which is among the first paintings to be acquired by the Los Angeles County Museum of art. The painting measures 102.07 by 106.83 cm. This painting is best known and it has been often reproduced in the American painting industry. The painting was designed and constructed by George Bellows in 1913. The painting conveys a message of hard work of the homemakers among the low class urbanites (Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 114). The blend of various colours ranging from red to orange conveys all aspects of life and integration in early city life.
In conclusion, the artworks discussed in this essay successfully convey the intended message to the audience. The Cotton Pickers painting conveys the message of rural African American lifestyle, the Shiva as the Lord of Dance conveys the message of supremacy and source of dance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Report about the Museum Printing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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