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The Sixth Floor Museum Review School The Sixth Floor Museum Review 22 November 1963 is one of the unforgettable days for the Americans as it was the day when John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of America was shot dead by a sniper. I recently made a visit to the Sixth Floor Museum at the Dealey Plaza, which is a John F…
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The Sixth Floor Museum Review
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"The Sixth Floor Museum Review"

Kennedy as well as the psychology of the shooter that compelled him to do the murder. Like everybody as presumes, I used to think of this museum as the location of Kennedy’s assassination by Oswald until I visited this museum. While this is not untrue that this is the very place where the President was murdered, there is much more to learn about the personal and social life of the President, his political legacy, and the last moments in his life in Dallas that one cannot learn very objectively unless one makes a visit to this museum. The administration of the museum have done this job in a tricky way as they have used one floor as the open space, and the visitors do not see many artifacts. The most valuable part of this visit for me was being able to have the same view that the shooter had when he shot John F. Kennedy, and seeing how he planned and did everything. I would take this as an opportunity to say that the corner window which was used by Oswald to shoot was certainly not the highlight of the museum, yet it generated a lot of information for me. I was astounded to find out how the location chosen by Oswald that was just above the hairpin curve upon the route of the motorcade was the most appropriate to shoot. I was offered a moment-by-moment explanation of the day when the President was murdered as well as a day-by-day account of that whole week of November. There was also a documentary film footage on the display that helped me understand everything along with context. This was the most valuable part for me because this provided me with an insight into the whole unfortunate accident, so that I could draw conclusions using my own judgment through what I had seen with my own eyes which would be more objective than learning about the accident from any other source. The least valuable part of this visit was the no-picture-taking policy of the museum. I had gone to the museum with the thought that I would be able to capture my memories and experience of the visit and would later share them with my friends and family who were just as curious as me about learning the facts as I was, but somehow could not make it to the museum, but the museum’s policy did not let me achieve that. The Sixth Floor Museum offers a wide range of educational resources for the visitors. The Reading Room overlooks the Dealey Plaza and provides a reflective environment for people of all ages seeking information and understanding about the assassination and legacy of John F. Kennedy. In addition to that, the Reading Room provides access to more than 4,000 books, magazines, newspapers and videos and covers topics ranging from Kennedy's life and legacy to conspiracy theories to 1960s pop culture. I enjoyed visiting this museum a lot and it was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn about the presidency of John F. Kennedy. The whole experience was fantastic. I am not sure that changing things in certain ways would help make the experience any better since everything inside the museum is set up very well, and it is very easy for the visitors to get to the different kinds of exhibits. I absolutely would recommend all my friends and family members to visit this museum as it was a great experience and I learned a lot of valuable information. I had never had as detailed and thorough insight into John F. Kennedy’s murder as I had in this visit. It is great to visit the museum from the historic Read More
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The Sixth Floor Museum Review Book Report/ Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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