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Narrative on why you would like to attend a university - Essay Example

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Narrative Essay on why you would like to attend a university
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"Narrative on why you would like to attend a university"

Download file to see previous pages ion has been the major step that has significantly contributed to strengthen my desire to follow my dreams of becoming a famous Hollywood producer in future. The degree in motion picture Art from the academy would go a long way in reaching my goals as it describes my passion in the film production. The academy therefore, represents all my ideals which would help me to realize my dreams.
I am a highly creative individual who has always been involved in school and college drama production. The film producers like Spielberg, Michael Bay and James Cameron have been my major inspirations and I have loved their creative films that excite and exploit viewers’ imagination. As a child, I used to make up stories about animals and human beings and my parents used to love hearing them. They have always encouraged my creative endeavours and motivated me to use my imagination. As I grew up, space saga by Spielberg became my favourite films. The Hollywood movies and world movies from other countries fascinate me with not only their wildly imaginative plots but also the way, subjects are treated and the way background is used to enhance the impact of the dialogue.
Degree from mass communication has given me important ideas as to how I can reach my dreams of becoming a successful producer of films. i excel in paradoxical thinking and believe that creative ideas emerge from developing new perspectives of common issues or ideas. The academy sensitively explores students’ ideas and their talent so that students can exploit them for implementing their creative ideas. The film production is highly technical that necessitates knowledge and development of specialized skills which can be used in production processes in filmmaking. The Academy is equipped with the state of the art technology and innovative curricula of the university are able to meet the transforming values of the time. The various modules of the course curricula are essential ingredients that provide students with a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Narrative Essay on Why You Would Like to Attend a University)
Narrative Essay on Why You Would Like to Attend a University.
“Narrative Essay on Why You Would Like to Attend a University”, n.d.
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