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Writing for Different Cultures and Audiences:An analytical feature article - Essay Example

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It was established in 1990 after being initiated by the director of Art Gallery known as Daniel Thomas in South Australia. The 2014 Adelaide Biennial demonstrated the Art…
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Writing for Different Cultures and Audiences:An analytical feature article
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Download file to see previous pages The works strived to display the best and relevant contemporary work in context of Art Gallery in Australia. They also engaged with the whole world in promoting their activities and at the same time borrowing from other nations the necessary art work that would be beneficial to the Australian citizens. Adelaide Biennial was a very modern event that was timely, unique, and forward thinking thereby giving it the ability to express dominant and current concerns over the existing art work (In Fexeus, In Ehmann, & In Klanten, (2013).
The 2014 Adelaide Biennial was an event that tapped into the minds and the hearts of the whole nation since it probed political, psychological, and personal dimensions of contemporary Australia. It made use of contemporary artists to explore the cultural identity of Australia and make Australia stand out across the world in terms of its operations in the works of art. According to Constantopoulos & Wang (2010), this was made possible through the presentation of over twenty eight Artists from Australia and also other individuals who offered a variety of collective presentations. The presentations included were brave and visionary and included painting, photography, installation, sculpture, and moving images. Among the important ideas and issues that were addressed by the artists encompasses Australia’s ecological fate, intercultural relationships, political, power, and gender (Constantopoulos & Wang, 2010). The curators played a very critical role in making the event a success and of course fruitful. One of the curators known as Nick Mitzevich, who was also the Director of South Australian Art Gallery, said that his major concern was on assembling an exhibition that would connect with the viewers and offer a moving experience to all the participants.
The Art Gallery is located at a very strategic and accessible point between the University of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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