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The essay "The power of the past, Davinci" explores the art of Leonardo Davinci. The ancient art can be appreciated when interest and urge to understand the past and their role in the society are evaluated. The role of art in the society has not been evaluated or understood…
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The power of the past, Davinci
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Art and modernity The role of art in the society has not been evaluated or understood especially when the arts in question are ancient and considered backdated. Ancient art has never been my focus because of their nature, but the situation has changed significantly over the course of study. Art can only be appreciated relatively on individual perspective. The influence and importance of art can be seen by their presentation of the society. The ancient art can be appreciated when interest and urge to understand the past and their role in the society are evaluated. The role of art in the society has not been evaluated or understood especially when the arts in question are ancient and considered backdated.
Ancient art has never been evaluated because of their nature, but the situation has changed significantly over the course of study. Davinci addresses the problem by reviewing the changes in art as a result of the need for mobility and the need to use art in education. The use of art in the Soviet Union and other countries was to state the position of the government. In addition, the role of art over the years has expanded to include the depiction of personal stance and beliefs. Traditionally, art was used in expressing of personal beliefs and the ideas in life. The role of art is changing greatly because of being a medium of information transfer. The rate of information transfer by the use of art has increased because of the understanding of the society. The acceptance of art by the society shaped its use leading to the development of new approaches to gag its use.
Culture and religion are integral in shaping the way art is presented and features of the art. For instance, in Italy 1500 to 1600AD, the art presentation focused on religion and the depiction of the nature of human beings. The focus of the Italian art was on Christianity which was undergoing changes due to Protestantism which led to the development of different focus of especially on the beauty of humanity. During the era, Leonardo paintings included the last supper, virgin and child with St Anne including St John the Baptist and the Mona Lisa paintings (Kleiner 545). These paintings were oil based and mostly portrait. The influence of religion on the approach used by the artist of the era in the presentation of their ideas is evident from the type of pictures and paintings produced. Both the sculptures and painting of the era comprised of beautiful figures moving gracefully in multi-figure compositions conveying humanity and the perfection of God. The work of Davinci is not different from other artists because it depicts the idea of the society. Art has an important role in the society because it shapes the ideology and customs of the society.
In conclusion, Cone addresses the issue of artistic transition and use of portable materials. The art is important when evaluating the impact of material change in artwork. Therefore, artists in Europe were not influenced by the humanism approach employed in the art from Italy. Northern painters travelled to Rome and are known as Romanists because they were influenced by the works of Michelangelo and exhibited the stylistic tendencies of mannerism.
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The Power of the Past, Davinci Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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