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The paper seeks to give A Brief Profile Analysis Of An Immigrant By The Name Chulryong Seo who left his country North Korea to America. It is funny that while in America he acquires the name, Justin…
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A Brief Profile Analysis of an Immigrant by the Name Chulryong Seo
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Interview Essay/Profile Analysis
The paper seeks to give a brief profile analysis of an immigrant by the name Chulryong Seo who left his country North Korea to America. It is funny that while in America he acquires the name Justin. He notes several differences between his home country North Korea and America. The culture of living in the United States is much different and better than the one in North Korea. Being a student of Computer Information and Technology, Chulryong fancies electronic gadgets like phones which were not allowed in North Korea. He indicates that America is a better country because there is a lot of freedom as compared to North Korea where he lived. The interviewee states that there are a lot of tribulations facing North Korea such as famine, lack of freedom and lack of communication. It is sad that, he lost both of his parents through starvation. His escapes from North Korea allowed him learn about several things in America such as freedom of communication, religion, dressing and movement. He wants to learn the experiences in America so as to go and change the perceptions of living in North Korea.
The 25years old boy who has lived in the United States for four years is well conversant with the English language hence giving him an opportunity to interact with the Americans effectively. Ironically, he stays with a Korean family in New York despite him saying that Koreans are not good people as compared to the Americans. He first met the family he is putting up with while in China. Despite being a tempered person he is open minded to every person thus can interact effectively.
Chulryong cites that the government of North Korea practices dictatorship which does not give its people privileges to enjoy hence causing sufferings, challenges and underestimation. The government controls both cultural and social activities in the country. The dictatorial tendencies do not go down well with Chulryong who feels that something must be done to end the vice. He is surprised that Americans do not appreciate the privilege of freedom that is bestowed upon them. The treasure of freedom is the best gift one must always appreciate because it is rare according to Chulryong. Whereas he appreciates freedom in the United States, Chulryong asserts that too much freedom is very dangerous. He cautions Americans not to send money to friends in North Korea. Too much freedom is very dangerous to a nation and can cause harm if not tamed. (Sen Pg 23)
Chulryong states that freedom of religion is not guaranteed in North Korea. As a Christian he believes that church is an essential tool in life for progress. One is allowed to pray anywhere and can join any religious groupings according to ones’ choice (Sen 45). Chulryong gives an account of whereby there mother was arrested for praying for them when they were still young. It is the neighbors who informed the government to arrest their mother. Because their father had flown to China, they were left with the responsibility of looking after the animals. Despite missing his relatives, he says he usually prays for them given that he understands the kind of life they are leading in North Korea.
In his final remarks Chulryong states that he would one time wish to go back to his country and improve living styles when he is done with school. Although he keeps in touch with his family members, he believes that changing the ways of living in North Korea is the way to go. Asked about going to China or Russia, he believes that both countries have the same policies as North Korea hence cannot trust the two countries.

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Sen, Amartya K. Development As Freedom. Oxford [u.a.: Oxford Univ. Press, 2001. Print. Read More
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