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East Asian Co-Production in Film Industry - Research Paper Example

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The objective of this research is to assess and trace East Asia’s roots in film making. Delegates drawn across the entire East Asia region have met and discussed the challenges facing Asia with regard to co-production whose level is low compared to that of Europe…
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East Asian Co-Production in Film Industry
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Download file to see previous pages Various scholarships have been offered on popular culture that is conventionally exploring the meaning of texts. This has resulted in popular culture co-productions and collaborations in East Asia, drawing on empirical studies of cultural industries in Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines (Yau, 2003). This has consequently employed the usage of a regional framework in order to analyze the consequences of collaboration and co-production.
In Asia, particularly East Asia, the rapid growth of the creative industry has induced a severe shortage of talented professional working force that includes the director, producer, and the scripter. The search to secure human capital is very significant to the success in this highly competitive field of creativity and artistry. However, the structure and dynamics of human capital development in this creative industry are yet to win the full understanding of its assessors in matters of a provision of efficient programs meant to accelerate human capital development. The resultant lack of understanding is caused by the complexity of work, as well as the fact that fostering creative talent requires a relatively long time that the rest of non-knowledge intensive industries (Chua, 2004).
Japan is currently the nation under a considerable critical spotlight in the continuing debate on the Asia imaginary. Japan’s long history of cultural and economic hegemony in the region has always been challenged by Korea and China as from the early 1990s. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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