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Even more selfies are taken without any intentions to share them with other people. It looks like an obsession how people, majorly youth and women, take photos of their mirror reflection or any other…
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Extract of sample "Selflies"

Download file to see previous pages This practice lets some people to meet their need in community attention and acceptance especially if they are posted online. They gather approving likes and comments which nurture their self-confidence and confirmation of their physical beauty. If they are taken for personal use only, they can boost self-confidence as well; moreover, they can state the narcissist personality of the agent (Burns, 2014). For those who want to look even better, there are different apps which can improve one’s appearance by making the body slimmer, changing facial features or putting makeup on (Waterland, 2012). They only increase the value of physical beauty and create unrealistic beauty standards which are most painful for young people and women.
Overall, this practice to post selfies everywhere is very annoying. People who regularly post their selfies online seldom think that this practice can be disliked by some people. In this way, they often react inadequately if someone asks them to stop doing that. Moreover, they tend to say that they do not care about what other people think; at the same time, it remains their primary purpose. I think that in some cases people just do not feel the limit of patience other people have concerning others self-representation. Some create Instagram profiles with a sole purpose to post photos of themselves there. The amount of photos they post is directly related to dependence on public opinion or narcissism. It can be easily defined either by hash tags people use or comments which follow their post. Some of them ask directly to comment on their makeup, clothing style, hairstyle etc. Others do not bother with such things and add hash tags me, beautiful or selfie to their posts. This practice will remain relevant even if people ban it in social media because it is the easiest way to boost self-confidence for some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Selflies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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