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Dancing at lughnasa play - Essay Example

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The key character in this play is Michael. I have on several occasions visited the theatre to watch this play and I also agree that i had been watching the same on you tube. In the play, Michael has always caught my…
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Dancing at lughnasa play
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Extract of sample "Dancing at lughnasa play"

Dancing at lughnasa play The central drama “Dancing at Lughnasa” is based in Island. The key character in this play is Michael. I have on several occasions visited the theatre to watch this play and I also agree that i had been watching the same on you tube. In the play, Michael has always caught my attention as he looks back on meticulous summer of his babyhood that goes on in his family that includes; mother, four aunts and himself. Through the play, the memories of that summer as depicted in the plot, exploring ideas and a lot of themes, in the Mr. Friel iconic pragmatic style.
Andrea Corr is a character who has left me confused despite the fact that this play is part of my daily activity. I am in dispute with my conscience whether Corr is a pop or folk singer. I also wonder whether I can rate her as a good actor or not because he only tries to transmit enraptured virtuousness characters. While the characters are on the stage, there is mood swing. In one split I find myself laughing rumbustiously, the next time my eyes are full with reeking tears. I realised that at all epochs no matter what the mood happens to be at every minute the play feels amazingly true. “Marcon” is another character I believe is depicted as wireless owned by the sister. Through personification it amuses as the character seem to be almost magical and know how to control and to adjust to sisters. Marconi’s role is very interesting and indeed has the command of a character in exploring and enhancing the other characters.
My first experience
Contrary to many who go to the theatre exactly knowing what they are going to see and here, Last Friday I left home with my sister to go to the theatre as a play which I have heard many talk of “Dancing at Lughnasa” was to be presented. I can say I was anxious to see the characters and the real thing my sister has always talked of. When the stage was opened one of the characters called Michael came forward and introduced the play, His way of introduction was impressing as the audience cheered. It was difficult for me to find out the relationship between Michael and other characters and identifying the themes in the play.
I was so much pleased with the way Andrea Corr introduced the song in the play even though I did not understand the role of a song in the play, in fact I was not aware the type of song Corr was singing. This confused me further. Marcon was the character who puzzled me as could play different roles like changing to be sisters. The characters ability to swing the moods of the audience was another part that perplexed me as I could see audience laughing then next minute crying.
The design of the stage itself and costumes amused me as I tried to find the meaning of the play and its title. What lingered in my mind was that part of dancing as the poem speaks. I was so attentive to get this even though I kept on forgetting characters names and their roles in the play. At the end I left the theatre with a great experience on what it takes to be an actor. I realised the importance of costumes in any play, the dance in the play was a sweeter and it made the play lively. Finally I learned that a play can have one character playing different roles.
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Friel, Brian. Dancing at Lughnasa. Dramatists Play Service, 1993. Read More
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