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20th Century ART - Essay Example

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In politics, Picasso was against the attack by Spain on the civilian. The invasion spearheaded the work of Picasso who devoted himself in…
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20th Century ART
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"20th Century ART"

Download file to see previous pages Picasso had several friends most of them journalists and artists. Max Jacob was a poet and a friend of Picasso; he helped Picasso learn literature and language. They shared a room, which is similar to my personal experience. As a student because of the inability to afford an apartment, I shared my room with a friend. The shared room was disorganized because of the working on shifts. Picasso worked at night while Max Jacob operates during the day (Hopkins). The artist was not outgoing because of his personal experience during his childhood. However, it is evident that his relationship with women was complex because he had several lovers. The dressing used by the artist was casual and he loved hats as part of his accessory to his dressing style.
The film employs the use of films paradox to develop the different angles on the life of Picasso, which include the successful life as an artist, and the social life as a playboy. His passion for women was similar to his passion for painting. This behavior is covered significantly in the play by addressing his sex life, in the light of his artistic success. The failure of his marriage also depicts the passion for women and unfaithfulness. However, the film does not capture the role of the artists in social movements and agitation. Apart from the success of Picasso in the use of art, he employed the use of art in the depicting of his displeasure of the Vietnam War. International peace organizations among other organizations have managed to use art in portraying of the message to the society leading to the massive societal changes witnessed over time. Picasso’s works of art involved weaving themes of conflict, doom, transcendence, redemption reflected on the canvas. When exposed to the society, it gives the impression or reflects on the situation existing in the society. During one of his painting sessions in the studio, Picasso compared women with wild cats because of their passion to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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20th Century ART Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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