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Art Questions - Assignment Example

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She even turns the outcomes into musical scores. Her work is anything but typical, even though each artist has something unique to portray. On her website, Miebich explains some ideas…
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Art Questions
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"Art Questions"

Download file to see previous pages She further says that her method of translation is mainly that of weaving, particularly basket weaving. This provides a simple but highly effective grid, which she uses to interpret information in a three-dimensional space.
When asked about how she weaves numbers into sculpture, she says that by staying true to the figures, the woven pieces stride an edgy split, performing both as sculptures in space and instruments used in the real environment from which she obtains the data.
Most of what Miebach does to perfect her art is extremely interesting. However, the most fascinating fact is when she utilizes vertical and horizontal elements of baskets and carefully constructing three-dimensional frameworks of weather basing on real-life weather patterns. It is also interesting that the natural phenomenon called storms can be transformed into musical compositions and sculptures.
From Nathalie’s work, I can define art as an innovation and development of basic principles of nature into gorgeous forms suitable for human use. It resides in the quality of doing, a process that needs creativity and understanding of different `occurrences around ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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