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Explain about this picture using roland barthes - Essay Example

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According to Barthes (1977), connotation refers to the meaning that can be drawn from a certain sign or image; the meaning should be a construct of reality. Holiday photographs are beautiful to watch. In terms of interpretation, the picture represents tourism and the…
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Explain about this picture using roland barthes
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"Explain about this picture using roland barthes"

Download file to see previous pages The coastal background of the picture is ideal; tourist can have a cool breeze at the coastline of any ocean or sea.
In addition, human beings can manifest the world through pictures, not just through photojournalism (Watson, 2012). Our snaps are a perfect example of how human beings can view the world as a social construct or our personal, individual life. The picture’s relevance can be drawn from the context in which it was taken. Denotative quality of the photograph is portrayed by the human being and the coastal objects contained in the photograph and their relationship with the human being. Denotatively, human beings can find coastline settings ideal for holidays and tourism activities. Tourism is also important for economic growth as well as contributing to employment opportunities.
The content of the photograph’s message shows the literal reality of how human beings enjoy nature. The scene is real and not imaginary (Noth, 1995). A photograph is a proof that the holiday adventure occurred in reality. The picture may be distorted; however, there is some evidence that something occurred, which resembles the picture. The notion of style in the picture is evident because it represents reality. The object (human being and the coastline) are objects from reality.
The pose in the picture represents how human beings can enjoy the sunshine at the coast. In addition a relaxed pose shows how holiday experiencing can be fulfilling. Stress levels can be reduced when human beings find time to relax and be away from work. Holiday activities rejuvenate strength lost during work. After leisure or holiday, more effort can be achieved at work. Use of communication technologies such as phones helps to get in touch with families and friends.
The picture’s background also shows how human beings should relate with the environment. The coastal background is clean and free from waste. Waste disposal to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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