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Monologues - Essay Example

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To be or not to be, to know or not to know, to see and not to see, to write or not to write That is the question. We ask these questions to ourselves when we read a work of literature, all thanks to an essential aspect that have been injected into shaping our textual identities…
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Download file to see previous pages... Monologues have been part of plays, film scripts, and has been interjected into the twenty- first century with the emergence of blockbusters. It allows us to value the importance of a character's own existence without the supplementary help of the surrounding characters, just a certain strength with processing streams of emotions and lines of thoughts into words carefully chosen and rearranged.
The term "monologue" was used to describe a form of popular narrativeverse, sometimes comic, often dramatic or sentimental,which was performed inmusic hallsor in domestic entertainments in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.
Monologues are a celebration of a character's humanity. In Shakespeare's playwrights, monologues are often called soliloquies. Asoliloquyis a type of monologue in which a character directly addresses an audience or speaks his thoughts aloud while alone or while the other actors keep silent. In fictional literature, aninterior monologueis a type of monologue that exhibits the thoughts, feelings, and associations passing through a character's mind. These monologues, since time immemorial, have established the character's individuality in a pedestal. It allows the character to see process his feelings, thoughts and perceptions freely. According to ()The "interior monologue" is a technical device in narrative. It renders a character's thoughts in the present tense, omitting speech markers such as "he thought" and quotation marks. Although the terms are often confused, it can be distinguished from thestream of consciousnessdevice by its relatively structured syntax and possibility of the monologist's addressing himself. The device allows a rendition of a character's thoughts and emotions more intimately than traditional forms of narration, since all readers learn what the character says only to himself.
These poems aredramaticin the sense that they have a theatrical quality; that is, the poem is meant to be read to an audience. To say that the poem is amonologuemeans that these are the words of one solitary speaker with no dialogue coming from any other characters. Think of one person standing alone on a stage speaking to an audience. Certainly, you are part of that audience, but the poem usually implies that the speaker is mainly talking to a specific person(s).
Internal struggles are very humanistic traits and this bridges the gap of reader and literature. Such struggles are very much conveyed by a monologue, especially if well written and a good reflection of a universal human experience. Monologues are crucial to characterization. Often, what readers remember well about a certain piece of literature is the certain character whom they feel deeply with. The novelist's has to render the character strong and human, possesses and air of fascination and must be believable, above all. Monologues are meant to reach out to the reader and supplement the textual identity of the literary work it is encompassed upon. It produces the cadence of and spirit and contributes to the whole lore of a work of literature.

Barthes and Textual Identity

There is a concept inlinguisticsandliterary theorythat refers to the attributes that distinguish the text (a technical term indicating any communicative content under analysis) as an object of study in those fields. This is called Textuality. To consider the text and its identity is to analyze its textuality ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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