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I would like you to spend some time looking at images of this poster, and to note down your thoughts about it - Outline Example

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This is because; it brings out a message to the person viewing it despite the use of geometrical shapes. It can be very hard to understand a message from an image drawn from such shapes, but with this image, the…
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I would like you to spend some time looking at images of this poster, and to note down your thoughts about it
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"I would like you to spend some time looking at images of this poster, and to note down your thoughts about it"

Download file to see previous pages The use abstract shapes, rather than realistic shapes are also one of the ways that makes the image more effective. This is because; the different geometrical shapes that have been used can bring out different meanings only to the individuals who understand the shapes. Therefore, I believe that the abstract shapes are more effective as they inspire more individuals to view this image and dig deeper into the real meaning of the image. The use of abstract shapes also helps in keeping the image discrete.
The choice of colors and shapes were well considered. The use of wedge shape due to the sharp edges brings out the perception of harm or danger as opposed to the circle which is more vulnerable to sharp objects. The use of red against white color also depicts one group being dangerous and the other being peaceful, therefore, the choice of colors and shapes have been used effectively. The shapes arrangement is also a great way of passing the message of some sort of conflict going on in the image. The smaller pieces add to more feel as they emphasize the larger wedge shape to be more dominant than the circle and other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I Would Like You to Spend Some Time Looking at Images of This Poster, Outline.
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