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The author of this movie review entitled "Super Slim Me Motion Picture" casts light on the outstanding film. According to the present text, regardless of what kind of video or film is viewed, there is always a perspective that is different from the rest…
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Super Slim Me Motion Picture
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During the scene in the second part of the video where Dawn is asking the store owner about the diet before an awards show, I noticed that the diet included water, lime, honey, and pepper. The sociological perspective I will introduce is the idea of conformity. Conformity is going along with peers who have no special right to direct behavior. It could be synonymous with obedience because in this case, her higher authority is Hollywood. If she wants to fit into an awards show dress, she must stick to the cleansing diet proposed for maximum fit.
Conformity is very important in many social circles. Conformity determines who is “in” and who is “out” when it comes to popularity. According to Milgram, we as humans are accustomed to submitting to authority. Sometimes that authority is a person, or object and other times it a higher power. Conformity oddly enough gives people a sense of belonging in this world and the power of conforming to someone else has to do with nature/nurture. Social control becomes a factor in this scene because it is informal. The owner of the clothing store has no idea how much weight and power his words possess when giving the actress the secret ingredient to becoming a size zero.
The final scene I’d like to bring to mind is actually the scene where Dawn splurges and goes on a binge before even starting her West Hollywood diet. She is very much aware of what she will have to endure as a person taking on the new persona of a size zero or as she likes to call it “a UK size four.” The Socialistic point of view that can be attributed to this scene is deviancy. It is not just deviancy, but it is a complete rebellion. Deviancy is the behavior or attributes of an individual or group that some may find offensive, wrong, strange or immoral. Let’s take the word strange and apply it to this situation. When a person is deviant, they are going the other way or avoiding the outcome. Dawn purposely eats tons of food before starting her diet as an act of deviance because she knows she will need to endure a much stronger and controlled regime. As she eats, she is labeled as a stigma because the people she is eating with are all part of the same group who are “set apart” from the Hollywood size zero. She is integrated into their lifestyle but is far from being accepted in what the UK calls size four. Her road ahead will be grueling, and even, according to some of the doctors, dangerous. Read More
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(Super Slim Me Motion Picture Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 547 Words)
Super Slim Me Motion Picture Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 547 Words.
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