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A Timed Textual Analysis of the Film Seven - Essay Example

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The author of the present essay "A Timed Textual Analysis of the Film Seven" outlines that the opening scene of the film presents us with what appears to be the protagonist. Though nothing is said, and no music is used, we gain an understanding of what this character's personality may be like…
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A Timed Textual Analysis of the Film Seven
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Download file to see previous pages When the camera moves quickly to a shot of this man's reflection in a mirror as he fixes his tie, this sense of loneliness is echoed again and we also get an idea of other aspects of his personality and life, namely, that he is a professional and that he is extremely orderly. He appears to be very well groomed and is adjusting his tie with detailed precision. It appears as though he is a professional and has an important job. Props are used strategically, as the camera quickly cuts to a stand where a line of objects lies in a neat row. The neatness and organization of these objects and of his bedroom has meaning, as they suggest this character is extremely tidy, efficient and orderly, and implies it may be reflected in his personality in other ways. The items include a pen, professional badge, and a knife, which suggests he works in law enforcement. We then see him go to his bed, which is made up perfectly, not unlike a hotel, very meticulous.
The way in which so much information is given away here despite the character have no interaction with others and doing mundane activities, is an effective way to highlight the loneliness and sense of order and presentation the character possesses. The costume is also used to convey meaning. When we first see the protagonist, he is wearing a white shirt, a symbol that he is a good man. His suit also suggests that he is an important person in society.
The next scene is cut to extremely quickly and we are met with a very disturbing image which contrasts starkly with what we have previously seen. The quickness of the transition allows no time for the viewer to adjust and it seems a slight shock factor is used in the suddenness of this. The scene is of a dead, overweight man lying in a pool of blood. The scene is dark, dimly lit and appears quite grisly, suggesting malice. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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