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The ping pong ball made me think of the full moon with its perfect round shape and brilliant white color. It has no edges, no limits, no beginning, and no end…
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Fiction Photography (topic: My life during the last week)
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Fiction Photography: My Life Last Week Pictures paint thousands of words, and during the last week, they painted several of my thoughts and emotions as well. The ping pong ball made me think of the full moon with its perfect round shape and brilliant white color. It has no edges, no limits, no beginning, and no end. I enjoyed the feeling of having no limits. Maybe that is why when I entered the shower, I saw the pale-colored shower tower and the creamy bubbles of the hand soap as the clouds that hide the moon. I began to think then that maybe there are some things I want to do that remain undone --- or maybe hidden. And these thoughts about clouds made me think of snowboarding and making a breath-taking and death-defying exhibition that reaches the clouds --- that is surely something worth dreaming about! My thoughts wandered further and I noticed the bottled water formed like see-through bowling pins. I have wanted to bowl like a pro, but just like the moon that represented my dreams, they are left hidden behind the clouds. The white, cratered golf balls looked miniature beside the brown leather baseball glove. I wondered, will I even be able to catch small balls with a big glove? I began to muse about the baseball glove more. Will it ever be a part of me when its color does not even match my skin color? Well, a lot of things in my thoughts and dreams do not match. But who cares about matching? Did not the moon show me the glory of being limitless? So when I saw the clover leafs, I had to mentally add another leaf to make them four, not to give me good luck, but to remind myself that some things are still worth crossing my fingers for. Also, the picture of Luigi driving caught my attention. The green surroundings reminded me of wanting to take pleasure in a joyride to somewhere enchanted --- peaceful forest or thick woods perhaps. I imagined myself like Luigi, face painted with a big smile and ready to wave at anyone as I pass by. Luigi’s face was the thing on my mind when I tried to make Antigone smile by folding the paper at several angles. She did not smile but she made a couple of slightly different expressions though.
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