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Modern Art as Creative Expression - Essay Example

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The essay discovers modern art. Modern art is manifested in the creative expression of contemporary artists of the twentieth century in various forms, styles, structures, and genres. Its value and importance is seen it its ability to stir, enhance, influence…
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Modern Art as Creative Expression
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"Modern Art as Creative Expression"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Modern Art as Creative Expression" analyzes modern art. It is true that in some modern art, some non-representational designs found its way in museums and art exhibits to provide lessons on the aesthetic approach by seeing the surface of things, not their meanings, subjects, and all the connotations they may have for us. Personally, the issue should not really be whether one hates or loves modern art. Each and everyone is entitled to one’s personal opinion. However, one must closely evaluate what values have modern art provided today’s generation – what legacy would it give to the future generations. Modern art, as averred by Bishop through The Spirit of Modernism was shaped by turbulent events like war, fascism and the rise of the mass society. These factors have profoundly influenced the unconventional, non-representational designs expressed by contemporary artists. Jackson Pollock’s painting which removed all subject matter in consideration could either be treated as a subject of the I-thou (or intrinsic relation) leaving viewers to a feeling of resignation by leaving things as they are. It, however, provides the opportunity for practicing the aesthetic approach in humanities. Definitely, the artist has a reason for creating art in the way that was presented. The interesting part is to decipher diverse angles, dimensions, and perspectives accorded by non-representational art works. Modern art offered artists with opportunities to go beyond traditional rules in art and expression by a free flow. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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