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The essay explores the fashion design and surrealism. Today, fashion design is more appreciated as a form of trend that affects everyone’s life, taste and style. Fashion design is more evident wherever one goes. It can be wherever or just around the corner. …
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Surrealism in fashion design
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "Surrealism in fashion design" focuses on the connection between fashion design and surrealism. Fashion design is highly commercialized to the extent that many innovative approaches have been tried to finally come up with the right and ‘in’ thing. The ever changing trends in fashion design just proves the fact that everyone is constantly searching for style and that everyone cannot just stand on a single taste about a certain product. Therefore, there is an urgency to innovate or even make use of what is already at hand to come up with a synchrony on the product’s choice and consumers’ taste, style, needs and wants. Back to the amount of effort one has to place on the ever changing trend of fashion design, there is a need to find out the level at which the look and content of fashion design is very significant in the conceptualization of a certain product in line with fashion. This will ensure that the right concept of a certain product will be established so as to align with majority of customers’ choice. Little connection was there between art and fashion design before. Not until the emergence of surrealism works by Salvador Dali, Elsa Schiaparelli and John Galliano which are integrated nowadays with fashion design. Surrealism has come into existence and bringing the name with it as an art form. Today, surrealism designs are integrated in fashion design and the harmony that this brings is remarkable that until now, acceptance in the market is of high significance.

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