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This paper 'This is Not Art - Brad Holland Expresses Himself" focuses on the fact that Brad Holland’s website is a humorously cynical expression of anger at how the formal, institutional world sees art. The best picture is the one of a cat, with writing ‘If a picture’s going badly, put a dog in it.’ …
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This is Not Art - Brad Holland Expresses Himself
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The picture is incisively instructive, showing how the entire art movement can be looked at cynically, but one needs to know a lot about it first.
"That's Not Art, That's Illustration": Almost everybody is...[ ]... only people left in America who seem not to be artists are illustrators.[Quote shortened for space.]
This quote best expresses Holland’s take on the development of art. He is biting in his sarcasm, which shows disdain of how art is shown to the public, how commercial art is denigrated, and how common perception needs to be improved by education.
Yes, I agree with Holland’s ‘inherited and exploded’ quote: today’s artists can take everything that went before and ‘blow it to bits’ in the sense of debunking art myths, taking and expanding forms, and adding or subtracting what would have been unthinkable when those forms and myths were created.
Getting Better All the Time: How Relevant is the Beatles’ Music Today?
The collage of styles in Strawberry Fields Forever is a precursor (or permission) for other bands to incorporate classic themes in their music. It took a while, but bands like Electric Light Orchestra and Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark came along much later and used a string and brass sections, together with symphonic strains. It was all due to John Lennon and Paul McCartney and their innovative, prophetic, visionary borrowing of classic motifs.
The lyrics are intentionally jumbled to express laconic abandonment of all that was rule-bound: the Beatles allowed youngsters to break out with impunity, and to ignore disapproval. It allowed musicians to create collages of their own in a destructurist way, and there is the link with post-modernism.
Such a band as the Beatles will, as Levitin (2007) proposes, always occupy a place in music, but their name might not live on with the tunes. People will hum Yesterday, sing Yellow Submarine to their children or serenade a lover with Michelle forever, but these will be like O Sole Mio, You are My Sunshine and Dancing in the Rain. Everyone knows them but like... who wrote them?  Read More
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