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Magic Realism and how it differs from surrealism - Essay Example

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This essay states the realism and surrealism. Magic Realism and Surrealism are both movements in literature and art. Their only similarity is that they make use of a mixture of realistic and fantastic elements. They greatly differ in how they make use of these elements to depict their reality. …
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Magic Realism and how it differs from surrealism
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Download file to see previous pages The paper "Magic Realism and how it differs from surrealism" focuses on the realism and surrealism. This final unification is the supreme aim of surrealism: interior reality and exterior reality being, in the present form of society, in contradiction (and in this contradiction is the very cause of man’s unhappiness)…” From this definition, it is clear that surrealism delves into the conscious and subconscious of the human mind. Thus the element of reality is the social reality in which the character in the film is immersed in. The fantastic element is depicted in the subconscious state or dreams. Los Olvidados presents the stark reality of living in the slums of Mexico City. The film opens the eyes of the viewer to the exterior reality by letting him experience the cruelty and bullying. The viewer is bullied with the presentation of a boy charging directly at the camera and the throwing of an egg with the splashing of the yolk against the lens of the camera. The use of monochrome or “black and white” film contributes to the theme of showing reality as it is without the trifles of color. The music used also matches the mood being depicted. It helps delineate the reality from the dream. The interior reality is introduced by the alteration in sound coupled with the technique of “slow motion” and “dream sequences” particularly in the dream of Pedro, wherein he sees Julian’s bloody dead body under the bed. His mother tried to sooth him by saying, “Listen, you’re not that bad.” ...
His mother's words consoled him and justified his actions of keeping the same a secret out of fear of Jaibo. In the dream he offers to help support his mother but she refused and instead, walking in slow motion, offers him a rotting slab of diseased-looking meat in her hand. This was taken by a hand which emerged from under the bed to be later revealed as that of Jaibo. Even in his subconscious state his fear and impression of Jaibo persists- Jaibo who will take life and money without remorse as he did to Julian and which, he can also do to Pedro. The film was successful in depicting surrealisms end goal that the presentation of both forces leading to a level of understanding that would provide cause for the reasons for the individual character to move and make decisions as such. The film ends there. The viewer is left with nothing. There are no happy thoughts, no impressions of hope or sentimental feeling. There is just the note of understanding that "that is just the way it is." Accordingly to Surrealists, this is what liberates the mind.3
In contrast, a film using Magic Realism leaves the viewer feeling alive and appreciative of the world around him. Magic realism gives a "fresh presentation of the everyday world we live in. The artist may choose unusual points of view, mysterious juxtapositions or common objects presented in uncanny ways. However everything we see is within the realm of the possible, although sometimes unlikely."4 It is for this reason that there is an infusion of beliefs and superstitions of different cultural groups.5 "Magic Realism presupposes that the individual has a bond with traditions and the faith of the community, that s/he is historically constructed and connected."6 This is clearly seen in the film Like Water ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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