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Violent Video Games - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Violent Video Games The increasing influence of globalization is coupled with technological advancement. This means that the social structure of the world is equally changing with a great shift in the young generation’s entertainment…
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Violent Video Games
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Violent Video Games

Download file to see previous pages... It is important to note that besides social networking sites, violence video games have the greatest following among the youth. However, critical consideration of the facts surrounding the act is important to establish ways of managing it so that the future society is saved of devastating socio-economic results. There is a raging debate on the issue of violence video games on the young minds but a lot of focus is evidently put on the negative side. It is important to carry out investigative research that explores the advantages as this equally provides measures of dealing with it. The young generation is subjected to unstable emotional behavior and most of their actions are rarely guided by logics (Kassin, et al. 97). They lack good understanding between reality and fiction which is important when it comes to dealing with the violence video games. This is an age bracket with a lot of energy where physical might and battle for social supremacy reigns and playing such violence video games holds a lot of impact. In-depth analysis of merits and demerits of this popular entertainment is the best avenue to establish it effect on the structural and functional concept relating parents to children. There are observed advantages from the video games which have set its industry bursting with young clients. It is important that the positive side of such a game is also taken into consideration. It would be important to highlight such advantages. Violence video games improve the ability of an individual to concentrate. The mental engagement required while playing such games boosts the focus of the young people and this helps them to learn how to capture detail and master concepts in other social aspects of life like class work. There is a sense of accomplishment when the young people take the game. It is common to come across children saying how they enjoyed the game and this is a pathway to internal spirit of achieving goals in the society (Kassin, et al. 57). Most of the young people in the contemporary society have several issues to deal with due to the pressure of changing socio-economic and political environment. This means that they need some form of stress relief which such violence video game with the fantasies in them provide. Some of the content of the violence video games is composed of historical activities and this offers lessons to kids about some significant facts which sum up to sharpen their overall cognitive skills. Research indicates that cognitive ability of the young people improves as they engage their mental and physical efforts towards achieving specific goals. Language development is equally derived partially from the communication experienced by the players of such violence video games. Tactics of winning requires repeated trials by the young players and this boosts their overall learning process. The increasing exposure of the young children to such violence video games has several disadvantages to the society at large. The content of the violence video games includes uncensored sexual acts which intoxicates the children’s morals and may affect their overall productivity in the society. There is an observed increase in childhood aggression which may outplay the emotional stability of the young people. This is worsened by increasing addiction which deepens the defilement of the young people’s mind and lack of concentration on more important issues (Kassin, et al. 37). Much time for learning especially homework and household chores ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Do Violent Video games encourage violent behavior

In a study among Dutch adolescent boys who were exposed to violent and non-violent games the author suggested that: those who were exposed to violent games were more aggressive than those who were not and they further wished they were like the violent characters in the game. Those children have the tendency to acquire violent behavior.

7 Pages(1750 words)Essay
Violent Video Games: Not the Cause of Violent Behavior
According to the discussion one of the claims of supporters of the violent video games-violence argument is that playing violent video games lead to violent crimes, but they ignore the reality that the relationship between playing violent games and acting violently against others through crimes is weak.
5 Pages(1000 words)Essay
Violent Video Games

Research has shown that, many young people especially adolescent spend most of their time playing video games. Recent research shows that, girls spend approximately 5 hours playing video games while young men spend approximately 13 hours in a day playing violent video games. Video gaming is a multibillion dollar company.

13 Pages(3250 words)Essay
Children and Violent Video Games
Whether it is the television, video games, radio or marketing efforts made by companies, children usually do become the recipients, whether it is intentional or unintentional. The thesis statement here is to research on social and ethical implications of children and teens playing violent video games.
7 Pages(1750 words)Essay
Violent Video-Computer Games
Pros and cons come and go. Economic, political, and scientific issues abound. In spite of all the shortcomings and all the nuances arising from the conflicts of interests, scientific research is going through the right direction. Little by little research is validating the common sense understanding that violent video-computer games produce negative effects on children and teenagers.
3 Pages(750 words)Essay
Violent Video Games Essay
It would mean, according to Dill, "one game for every teenager on earth, or one game for every person in North America, Europe, and Japan, or enough games that, if laid end to end, would reach around the equator two and a half times." More and more people are really spending their money, time and energy on the video game business either as consumers or capitalists.
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Do violent video games cause behaviour problems
However, the recent slew of video games which have been launched, like Counterstrike, Black Ops etc. are extremely violent in their make and nature. Most of the games these days
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Do violent video games cause behavior problems
Studies have been carried out to establish whether or not there is a connection between violent games and behavior problems. The results obtained from the studies
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Violent video games
The video games industry covers a wide spectrum, from sports, to war, to missions and so on as noted by Kent (2001). In as much as violent video games
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The impact of violent video games
The reason is that the games make the participant part of the script that makes up the play. The games also require participants to have constant attention to the proceedings of the act. The aspect is the same despite the audio visual games being in existence for
5 Pages(1250 words)Essay
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