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Full name Professor Subject Date The Making and Breaking of Relationships Running with Scissors is a story of an extremely dysfunctional family where the parents do not give each other the chance to communicate in order to make their relationship and family better…
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Choose one promt to write about
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Download file to see previous pages The shrink convinces the mother that she is in danger from her husband who wants to kill her and therefore, must leave him before she gets killed. The mother and son’s living arrangements were decided by the psychologist, the mother was to stay at a motel while her son stays with her shrink’s family. The doctor manipulated the main characters in the story for them to be live lasciviously and become dependent on drugs, limiting their developments in life. The mother had an illicit affair with a female friend while the son had sexual relationship with a male patient of the doctor. After so many struggles, the mother finally had her works published and was starting to stand strong however, she found out that she was deceived by her own doctor with the money her husband sent to support their son. Consequently, she stayed away from her shrink while his son went away from her to start his own new life. The aforementioned film exemplifies the making and breaking of a mother and son relationship which this paper will further discuss, expounding on how relationships are developed and destroyed. Relationships are very important because as social beings, people cannot avoid building relationships. More importantly, family relationships are valuable to every human being because it is in the family that basic principles about relationships are established. In the film Running with Scissors, the relationship of the mother and son was initially good. The mother was adored by her son because she has shown how much she cared for the child and the mother in turn loved and cared for her son. However, the mother and son did not quite have a good relationship with the workaholic husband and father although this seemed to draw the two together as confidants and allies. The boy grew to empathize with his mother as the abused partner so that he did little things such as preparing tea to serve her mother and show his fidelity and care. The mother influenced her son even further by sharing with him her every dream and involving him with her plans (Murphy). The relationship of the mother and son is obviously good in the beginning because the mother worked hard to maintain good communication between them despite their circumstance with the father. The mother shared her career plans with her son which might have been good for his learning. The son in turn looked up to her mother. The two became encouragements to each other even during tough times. As a result, they formed a strong bond. When the mother and father fought in front of the boy and the father was knocked off and fainted as he attacked his wife, the father was never seen as a victim in the eyes of the son. Instead, of getting shocked with how the mother spoke against her husband, the son instead feared for his mother’s life than his father (Murphy). This only shows how he supported and protected his mother as a result of the relationship that they formed. On the contrary, the relationship of the mother and child could also be considered not very normal, at least on the part of the child. The mother sharing her problems with her son at a very tender age somehow made the child feel the strain that she was going through. Therefore, the son did not have a normal childhood. Instead, he seemed to have grown extremely emotionally attached to the woman so that he imitated her in most of her actions, including how she dreamily delivered her speeches. As the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Choose One Promt to Write about Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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