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Alternayte endings of the film Casablanca - Essay Example

This leaves him deeply conflicted on what actions to take or what to do. In the movie, it becomes apparent that the Nazis are high, telling lovers. However, Rick- the club owner has documents that would facilitate the two lovers to reach Portugal in one piece, which is, a neutral country during the course of World War II (Behlmer 15). In the end, Rick has to sacrifice his one desire, which is to get back together with his love. However, Rick acts in a noble manner and helps the two lovers reach safely. The contents of the film flirt with ethics and philosophy. This is for one to do something that is ethically right and according to his or her moral obligation. Casablanca is an all time favorite, masterpiece with the best love story without physical love and unique ensemble piece way ahead of time (Behlmer 17). Casablanca was produced by Hal B. Wallis and directed by Michael Curtiz, an unswerving craftsman who had by now hemmed hits such as the adventures of Robin Hood (1938) and Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942). The latter had won James Cagney an Oscar for Best Actor. Producer Wallis went through several names before landing on Bogart and Bergman. Some documentaries about the film turn out to be wrong. They simply cannot figure out the genre of the movie. Some want it to be romance; others want a war propaganda picture. It ends up being neither though it is better being a war picture than a romance. For all Curtiz’s skill and Arthur Edeson’s elegant abilities with the camera, they do not give

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The movie immortalized the song “As Time Go By”, and melancholic scenes with Ingrid Bergman remain unforgettable to all ages of this ever celebrated and superb classic story of a battle for love and honor. The film is famously known for its black and white cinematography as established by Arthur Edeson.
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Critical review on Casablanca
It is a waiting station for everyone who is there. People go there and become trapped and live dissolute lives. It is very hard to escape from and danger lurks everywhere.
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It is indicated in order to achieve cult status, a movie must be fragmented so scenes and events can stand out in the mind as individual series of memories rather than a complete whole while still retaining some
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Lisbon became a huge transit center. But not everyone could get there directly. This is how a difficult alternate route of refugees appeared. From Paris to Marseilles, then
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The author states that the kitchen largely remained impervious by the many architectural plans and progress that there were during the middle ages. Only open fire places served this purpose. However old these kitchens may sound or look, the old kitchen houses were built together with the main house described as palace in Europe.

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Moreover, the movie is basically a based on the re-production of a play that was written by Joan Alison and Murray Burnett, titled “Everybody Comes to
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Short reaction on Casablanca 1942
The plot is concentrated on the internal conflict of a person who should choose between a debt and feeling, between the beloved women and need to help her and her husband. Such problem is faced by many of us. The secret of why Casablanca
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the war picture the suspense that it needs, and they do not give the romance the tension or exoticness it deserves. (Robertson 16). Ingrid Bergmann, always a consummate actress played in between as was directed by Michael (Robertson 25). She did not show who between the two men, Rick or the freedom fighter husband; she was in love with will eventually win her heart. This is one serious flaw in Bergman`s performance, the nasty indecision in a character the clearly has already made up her mind about whom she loves, even though it does not turn out the way she expects. In the final scene, her face reflects confused emotions. She played the whole movie without knowing how it will end. Who between the two men would get on the plane? That she had no idea. She had the subtle of building all her scenes emotionally convincing. In the film, what works and what does not work? Is it the things that come out on the screenplay or the myth? It is quite unanticipated when trying to view using ones perspective by looking a little bit further. A bad technique for instance can be seen in the Paris-flashback. It is awfully made and quite lackluster for storytelling. Yes, they needed a flashback for the story to flow, but it is obvious that they did not know how to make it. It was without any concrete information and was shot on a blue screen. It lifts the film though from dark Casablanca setting and enables a smile from Bogey to be seen. That is worth for Bogart and Rick. From the same Paris-sequence, there is a German laudsprecher that makes the part comical. It is brilliantly funny when he delivers a message with a super funny US-German accent. Bogey acknowledges of not comprehending what he says as his German is a bit rusty. This is what he says from the context. On Ingrid Bergman, though she does not act much in the film, she is probably the most remembered in the film. Her fewer scenes with Bogart


Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Casablanca It is a truly perfect movie; the 1942 Casablanca still intrigue viewers’ attention today and for a fine reason. It is an exceptional chronicle of a love triangle set against dreadfully high stakes in the war in opposition to a monster is stylish outlandish, fascinating instead of garish…
Alternayte endings of the film Casablanca
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